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There is stillness in the world and there is stillness in the mind. They echo each other. The observer and the observed.

Extreme of Existence in Death Defiance

Death Defiance

We are living now so we are winners. Suck it dead people. Actually, you live because of the dead people. There is no death. The thing we perceive as death is just an extreme of existence, a defining characteristic of a greater balance of which death itself is only a finite part.

As for wrongful death, there is wrongful death. Death brought about by ignorance is unbalancing. Death inspired by the blindness that separates us from reality is wrong. Death to achieve some goal that life itself doesn’t seek is wrong. There is a sickness running in our world that does lead to death, and this sickness does need to be addressed.

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Jumping off a bridge to get revenge from a loved one is wrongful. Yes, exactly.

I do not feel that suicide in all cases is wrong, though. I agree with you. Even other species do have a point where they are willing to lay down and die. Due to illness or severe injury they will often stop seeking food or drink, even avoid the protection of their peers. This does not manifest in a natural or balanced way in humans though, not with enough clarity yet to be something we can accept or properly ease the process of. The shamans of old did serve this purpose, but that wisdom is now rare. There is more to the process than simple human choice.

Is drinking wine a defiance of death? Yes. It has even been linked to that symbolism classically. Dionysus was a death and resurrection figure, as well as the god of wine.

An archetypal example, of a death defiance rite undertaken by a divine figure, would be the crucifixion of Odin. He hung himself upon the world tree (reality) and remained there without food or drink for a great deal of time. He experienced everything that the Norse cosmos had to throw at him, even to the point of having the spirits of thought and memory consume his right eye.

At his most weakened stage, when he was his most debased (and keep in mind this was a god) he had a vision of the entire reality around him that transcended any experience that surfaces could offer. He came away with a changed language for the world. A wisdom that would remain his for the rest of their story.

These are the myths, yes, with deep implications. Each of us contains these “gods.” Indeed. Taken as a metaphor we must be willing to exhaust the ego, exhaust the ritual of our identity, to the point that we can barely continue to perceive it, and in that moment we will have the words to describe the world as we truly are.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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