'Death Defiance' Chapter

Death Defiance

Death is everyone’s companion, but we don’t all relate to it in the same way. Some feel more at peace with it than others, but wherever you have come to stand with it, everything else in your life is colored by that. Much of the horror of death comes primarily from our fear based ideas of it, which isn’t to say that we should all dive into a morbid fascination with death either. Those practicing death defiance only seek to learn the lessons that confronting death has to teach.

Darkness is not foolishness, light is not wisdom. All who live fully and with genuine intention have wisdom. All who live first and put everything else after that understand that life is itself the ultimate end. That which furthers and supports and nurtures life is to be sought. That which threatens and blights and poisons life should be avoided and allowed to pass in time.

“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” William Ross Wallace

“Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.” Napoleon Bonaparte (French General, Politician and Emperor. 1769-1821)

Everyone’s Companion

Death defiance. It’s one of the more radical dynamics in mystical as well as magickal practice. Much of our awareness of life is touched by our awareness of our own mortality, and no matter what we are doing or how… Seek More

Ideas of Death

Being excommunicated from life, never being able to settle, isolated and alone = death? Yes. Death in time did come to be seen as some form of exile. This gave rise to the original concept of lost souls or ghosts,… Seek More

Learn the Lessons of Confronting Death

The purpose, and the surviving power of the death defiance practice and its respective rituals, comes from an unspoken understanding. A modern example would perhaps be the psychedelic counter culture. Neuroscience is making some really meaningful discoveries, and extreme physical… Seek More

Touched with Fear

To risk talking about myself, yet again. People have often marvelled at my tolerance of pain. Despite the neurological abnormalities, I have another reason why I tolerate physical pain so well. Pain confronted directly, experienced vividly, without recourse to emotion or other… Seek More

Experience Brings Clarity

Experience brings clarity. We often just fall into an attraction and aversion cycle. It’s easy and more comfortable than the extremes of experience that life will in time offer us despite our best efforts. One need not engage in any… Seek More

Extreme of Existence

We are living now so we are winners. Suck it dead people. Actually, you live because of the dead people. There is no death. The thing we perceive as death is just an extreme of existence, a defining characteristic of… Seek More