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The Gnostics were right, to know yourself is to know the divine.

Experience Brings Clarity in Death Defiance

Death Defiance

Experience brings clarity. We often just fall into an attraction and aversion cycle. It’s easy and more comfortable than the extremes of experience that life will in time offer us despite our best efforts.

One need not engage in any specific practice. I don’t personally endorse any practice in any absolute sense. Especially not my own, not for other peoples purposes, just examples, nothing more. Handles to build understanding on. In our dark metaphysics classes I mean to perhaps explore why people engage in practices that most find questionable. Understanding lessens fear.

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I offer, any who intend to follow my dark metaphysics topics regularly, a simple possible achievement. With time and exploration it is possible to see the world not as a place full of wisdom versus insanity, truth versus evil, but rather just one world with different reaches that people live in, each person seeing things from their own point of view.

No polarities. Yes, exactly, and heaven forbid if you should encounter someone or something that is genuinely threatening… Well, as they say, “Forewarned is forearmed.”

But how will we know what to label Republicans? Don’t worry. They know what to label you so you won’t miss chances to identify them.

Darkness is not foolishness, light is not wisdom. In the name of the light of the Roman empire and in order to preserve the pax romanum, much atrocity occurred and countless lives were lost. All who live fully and with genuine intention have wisdom. All who live first and put everything else after that understand that life is itself the ultimate end. That which furthers and supports and nurtures life is to be sought. That which threatens and blights and poisons life should be avoided and allowed to pass in time.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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