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The way of thought is the way of definition. A focusing of the minds eye to see details better. People mistake control for artifice, though artifice inevitably fails.

Fully Awake in Pride


Everything that’s going to happen already has, space-time? Yes, but it’s alive. So yes, blood is going to my feet, it is going to my brain too. You can own up to it all, and be whole in space time. Be all of the energy that you are, rather than just cold feet. I would be proud to be whole. Even Emerson said that he never met a person who was fully awake.  If he had, he wondered if he could really look them in the eye.

I think the people fully awake are no longer here? Or they are here, but not in the way we are aware of. It’s a little hard to reconcile awareness and not affect others.

I’m not sure what you mean by “fully awake”? Really here, really where they are, and doing fully what they are doing, and really directing their own actions.

Being present in the moment? Fully present in the moment. Knowing fully that all moments are this moment. Not asleep within thoughts. Your memories are now. Your dreams are now. So what now?

“Asleep within thoughts” seems an ironic turn of phrase? It is, and it is supposed to be. The rock isn’t what you think it is, but most people are busy thinking about the rock.

It seems to me that being without thought is being a kind of asleep? No, being without thought isn’t being without awareness. Many are deep in thought, and very little aware. I don’t ask a seemingly thoughtful person if they saw a friend of mine, they most likely weren’t paying attention.

Asleep at the wheel? You can drive the car, or think about driving the car. Many people think about driving the car, and think about where they are going, and then run a stop light. The thoughtful fall into hubris and conceit, the aware are more about pride.

On the other hand I think meditation and quieting the mind is kind of like putting your mind to sleep? Not at all. You find out how awake your mind is in meditation. Quieting the mind is like quieting the mouth, it helps the ears work better. Go so far as quieting your steps, and you might actually start looking at things too. How often are you asked “What were you thinking?” How often did you have to say, “I don’t know”. Likely you were too busy thinking. Thinking is like chanting. It is an established fact that your thinking has a limited amount of content, and it gets repeated. Sort of lulls you to sleep, but one can knowingly think.

Your awareness of your surroundings can be awake or asleep, and your cognition can be awake or sleep. It seems to me you can trade one wakefulness for the other? I agree. Do most people think on purpose? Awake in thought, and awake in awareness are not separate forms of awake. If you are half asleep, you are half asleep on all levels.  Thoughts are an energy habit that get stuck in a loop of unawareness, and every time you have a thought you reinforce the energy pattern. Habitual patterns. The practice of meditation aids in breaking the habit and patterns. Meditation is just watching what you are doing. I watch what I’m doing in my head pretty regularly.

I find people have short attention spans? Not for TV, not for passive entertainment, not for passive thought. They aren’t much invested in anything, and is why passivity is such a fad. They strongly believe that everything is subjective, and nothing really matters in an enduring sense. Another choice is possible.

Medieval nobles were very active in general, reading and writing, fencing, all sorts of things. Japanese culture is more active than ours, and they still have video arcades. They don’t see the reason that everything should be in their houses, and for the most part they like those public places. They still have public bath houses also. They are very active with each other by comparison to Americans. So passivity isn’t a fad in Japan.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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