'Pride' Chapter


Pride is not a vice. Pride is not imbalanced. It’s not over reaching. Pride finds no fault, hubris finds no right. It’s when pride turns into deception that it is destructive. Pride is about what is. Hubris is about what you think is, or what you think should be.

“Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.” Paul Bryant (American football college Coach. 1913-1983)

“Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and importance, although difficult, is the highroad to pride, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction.” Margaret Thatcher (British Politician and Prime Minister. b.1925)

Pride vs Hubris

Pride is not a vice. I always laugh at the ascetics who speak of pride as if it were some great evil, but if you undertake any action with the conviction that it is right, there is an element of… Seek More

Have Pride

Doctors are notorious for their ego. I’m not sure what you’d call it, conceit I guess. But when your split second decision makes the difference between life and death, I can see how you almost have to be self centered… Seek More

Pride Finds No Fault

The “no you” idea always sets me off a bit. We are so programmed to be self negating that it seems to be reverse arrogance, false humility. It’s like saying we can’t be involved, or it’s beneath us because there… Seek More

Right to Die

People seem to think a lot is a ‘God given right’, and of the craziest things instead of being privileges. It is our God given right to die, want to? In the state I lived in, it’s even legal with… Seek More

Fully Awake

Everything that’s going to happen already has, space-time? Yes, but it’s alive. So yes, blood is going to my feet, it is going to my brain too. You can own up to it all, and be whole in space time.… Seek More

Views of Pride

Pride is really sort of a controversial topic. We are warned against pride, like we will become our own Mr. Hyde if we take any enjoyment in what we are about, or what we do of our own free will. Yet people… Seek More


Wisdom is beyond men. Wisdom is beyond women. In a sense, it’s beyond the world. We are in it. Wisdom can exclude nothing, because it’s all here. If one gets wisdom they can ignore nothing. You can get knowledge and… Seek More

Pride is Not Evil

Pride is not evil. It’s saying I did this, because well, you did. It’s saying I’m here. You did what you did, and you don’t have to disown it. Just remember, it’s what you did. You aren’t what you did,… Seek More


My liver is so proud, he thinks he is better than my heart. Actually, the body can know hubris.  It’s called cancer. When a new cell is too deviated, when it’s not acknowledging that it’s in the liver, and won’t… Seek More

I Am That I Am

Do you wonder if you’re real? I do wonder if I’m real. I’m often impressed with the notion that I am a figment of my own imagination, and when I wake up I might be just an idea someone else… Seek More