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Not having what you want won’t make you saintly. If you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, you might as well go ahead.

Wisdom in Pride


Wisdom is beyond men. Wisdom is beyond women. In a sense, it’s beyond the world. We are in it. Wisdom can exclude nothing, because it’s all here. If one gets wisdom they can ignore nothing. You can get knowledge and leave much unexplored. You can be proud of knowledge, but wisdom leaves you in awe, silent. Pride doesn’t reach there, not because pride is unworthy or profane, it’s just not enough to encompass wisdom.

Do you think that wisdom is the hardest thing to claim for ourselves? I think when you claim wisdom you realize that you can’t claim wisdom, so in a sense it’s impossible.

We can’t claim wisdom? No. We can claim our part. We can claim knowing, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to “be right.” Your knowing is your place in wisdom, and it will change and grow simply because you change and grow, and at any given time you do know, and you can accept that.

The need to be right is a strange one. “Right” is far too big for our knowing. We can feel right, and we come from a life that is right. When we feel at peace, that is right. When we feel unconditional love, that is right. Knowing doesn’t really grasp these things does it?

My granny was very wise. She told me a bike with no pedals was going no where. Let your bike have pedals.

Could knowing be the piece that leads/points to the others? Yes. This is what I hope to help people with in my sessions.

Some people take the approach of letting the other be right in the wrong way. They really have resentment? Yes. Let the other be right, because they are. They are there. They are with you. They, for their world, are right. So maybe just know them. It’s not bad to know, just know what knowing is.

Absolute truth is no one is right? So if no one is right, then no one can be wrong either. If the argument is one sided, then there is no grounds for argument at all.

You win the prize, :wink: wisdom. I win, you win, we win. We all win. Shall we happy dance?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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