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Meditation is intimacy with self. You are stopping and opening your awarness to “death” in the moment.

Game Pieces in Play


Now let’s change the game. Like any game, you have to play with the pieces you have to actually be playing that game. Do you really play with your game pieces?

When someone is taking too long on their turn. Excellent, that’s the autonomy thing, or the autotelic drive as they say, but then do you really play when playing with the other person?

Strategizing. Which is wise to do as long as you don’t lose track of the game. What would your life be like if you treated all the facets of it as game pieces? What would your thoughts be like if you treated them the same way? 

Maybe I would get better at it. I figured out the perfect morning routine, but when I wake up, I don’t want to do it.

The game isn’t any fun if you aren’t playing by the rules. You might as well not be playing though some games allow more fudging than others. What if your friends are game pieces? Would you move them against the rules?

Many people often feel that way, manipulating the people around them. They ignore the rules. Everyone moves people. You try to smile and say hello, that’s a move, but do you know the rules for that piece? If not, why not?

You have to either accept the rules someone else had told you or make them up yourself.

What would socializing be like if you personally respected the game?

It can be useful, but I find it tiring. It’s because of how you are playing, but let’s move on.

Resources. What would resource acquisition and management be like if all your assets are game pieces? Or work be like if all your tools and skills are game pieces or game moves?

Monopoly. Maybe if you have some competition it becomes more interesting. Indeed, you want to involve other people, and you want them to stay involved.

Or if you had high scores to beat. So beat their score maybe but not too much. Is this so? Game over if no one is playing.

Maybe I should time myself and write that down and constantly be trying to beat my own times. Or give points to my activities. Brushing teeth = 5 points, exercising = 10 points, etc. That can help. You might like Chore Wars. That is a fun way to do that. It even tracks the score for you.

Is it possible that people don’t like to be alone because it feels like game over? What else does being alone feel like? I mean socially disconnected, not just having some personal space.

Being socially disconnected sucks, yes. It amounts to “you can’t play!” Doesn’t it? Does it mean anything else? We want to play more than anything. We will keep playing even if we suck as long as we are allowed.

So would you hurt people if they are game pieces?

I wouldn’t, unless they deserved it. But yes, that’s what happens when people manipulate. Actually, when people manipulate life goes on, entertainers entertain, business gets done, appointments are made. We hurt people when we are dissatisfied with the game. We are unhappy with the game when we aren’t actually playing.

They just see others as pieces in their game they are trying to win. Actually, they see the game as beneath them. They don’t want to play, so instead they spitefully try to break it. Breaking only has one consequence in the long run. You wind up empty handed… Like our economy, maybe?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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