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Evil is characterized by opposition. So opposition breeds more of itself.

More Fluxx in Play


Your friend is playing the game. Your boss is playing the game. Are they playing well? If not, why not? Is it because they are told to play but that they aren’t allowed to actually play?

A lot of people at work play ‘run the library like a corporation.’ Yes, and that might be a bad rules set, but there is even a game of changing rules. I have a card game that is entirely based on that. It’s called Fluxx.

They come up with a new set of jargon each year but nothing much changes. Yes, they aren’t really playing. Your bosses might even want to. This is why they make so much noise. They are told to play the game, but not really. Are our social ills really because people play games? 

One year it was the Balanced Scorecard and they sent out a memo about BS. I kept that one, and then there was another memo about Bsc.

What we need, perhaps, is more fluxx, more play in the rule sets. I am not kidding by the way, Fluxx is a real game, cards, and you can’t “figure out” the rules. The game involves changing them. You can still win though, because we can arrive at a point where you match the win condition. Maybe life is like that. Can we match the win condition without playing? What is success but matching the win condition?

Yes, that sounds like life. The rules keep changing and people have a hard time figuring them out.

And that’s why they say timing is everything.

Nobody is actually playing the game.

And the bankers have all the cards. Yes, they do have all the cards, and they “share” them with us which is how they win. But they win at the cost of the game. They aren’t playing.

We ask for an ace and they give us a two of spades. Yes, and then tell you it’s the rules. No game being played.

Seriously, are games really why people suffer or lie or cheat or steal? People despise the game players, why? The one who breaks your heart is the one who chose not to play with you. You never regret any of the moves made, really, as long as your heart was in them.

Or chooses to play with someone else against your wishes. Yes, that’s cheating. Ignoring the agreed upon rules. Those games can sometimes be reset, but it’s often not worth it. Is there any hurt or wrong doing that really involved playing the game?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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