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I will say I worship nothing, and yet I love a lot more. Love is very simple. There is a process of affinity. A natural sense of connectedness to life and those we encounter. It varies a lot and we can deliberately engage it.

Passive Life in Play


Can sitting be fun?

I love just sitting and thinking, but if I am waiting for something, I can’t relax so it’s not fun. Ah, but are you just sitting?

I like sitting, but I’m not sure I’d call it fun.

I like sitting too, and looking out the window. I get excited if I see a lizard go by.

Thinking can be fun, fantasizing, but is all thinking fun? Thinking is fun when our attention is vividly engaged in exploring our world, inner or outer. They are even now saying that inner exploration is the primary source of creativity if not the single source.

I can daydream for hours. In fact, it’s often my favourite activity. What makes day dreaming more fun that balancing your chequebook?

Freedom. No scary surprises. Ah indeed, it doesn’t call for immediate response, and doesn’t involve anything we don’t freely want to do. For many people even just their idle thinking isn’t much fun for them. The reason that is is because of what I mentioned earlier. We structure our thoughts and perceptions in patterns that are familiar.

I sometimes feel sorry for people who don’t have much imagination. They’re easy to size up and thus we can quickly respond to them with a minimal amount of mental and emotional investment. Ever notice the unimaginative people tend to be very competent? They may just be competent and engage self destructive activity, but it flows freely for them. They move through life at a quicker pace.

We each of us have the ability to modify exactly how we represent the world to ourselves, as easily as we change how we represent ourselves to the world.

We think of accountants as lacking imagination. Then there is the ‘creative accounting.’ There is indeed such a thing as creative accounting. It just tends to be proactive so we don’t call it accounting. Can any passive activity be fun?

No, like waiting is often not fun. It’s really only fun if we find something else to engage at the same time.

If a television program doesn’t elicit any response in you, is it any fun?

Watching TV is passive and is sometimes just what we need to unwind. We do need to relax and sometimes distraction does help that, yes.

It has to make me laugh or think.

Can we live our lives passively?

Things that engage our mind are more fun. A story that has mystery and makes you think is more fun than one that lays everything out plainly.

Do you have to actually engage with anything to get by?

I think lack of interaction can drive you insane.

Can you befriend someone who remains unresponsive to interaction? Or only passively responsive?

I find that very difficult. I need feedback from the person.

Can you fall in love with a passive romantic partner?

It’s much harder.

You’re right, no one can maintain absolute passivity. It’s entirely against human nature, but what would a life that is 90 percent passive look like? 80 percent? Normal? Real?

No, disturbing I think.

The passive people I know have many problems, financial and otherwise.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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