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Absolutist thinking is a vicious falsehood, creates only confusion.

Interacting With All in Play


How much does your life seem to invite engagement? Or if you prefer, do you know how to intentionally have fun?

You’re inviting it now. I am, yes.

I think having fun is just following your instincts, following what you simply want to do. Can you easily determine what you want to do?

I think anyone who comes into Second Life, except maybe griefers, are fun-seekers. I agree. Second Life is a wide open vista for fun. Other sorts of “games” are more scripted.

I’ve heard that is the reason some people don’t like Second Life. You have to be more self-directed. It’s like real life in that respect, but are people self directed in real life?

Many people are followers.

Many like Second Life to be more self directed so they can be more self directed. It drops physical limits. Indeed, why can’t we do that in real life? Just decide how we are going to go about doing something? Just decide how we intend to look?

It’s a lot easier in Second Life. It happens instantly. Easier, and often someone has already done a lot of it for us. So if it’s already done and we just have to react, is that real life? Really living?

School is like that. You sit and take notes and just regurgitate the information back.

That describes a lot of what happens in real life, but no, it’s not real living. It’s stressful.

What is a game? Or if you prefer, what is not a game?

It stops being a game when it’s not fun? So when are you most in touch with reality?

Interacting with it…playing. All of you, interacting with all of it that applies at the time, yes?

Yes, it’s why we envy people like celebrities. We see them as having fun, engaged with life. I think they don’t actually have much fun. They work a social job, and it gobbles up a fair bit of time.

Can you play at a job? People get jobs here in Second Life. Why?

It’s a way of doing something you can’t do in real life. So we will do work because its novel?

Some jobs allow play, but very few. In real life that’s true, isn’t it?

People get jobs because it is a paradigm they are used to. The idea of making things, or starting their own business is alien to them. Yes, it’s training, an intellectual chunk they feel they can handle, and something they don’t have to take responsibility for.

I was always looking for new jobs in the company I worked for.

What would life be like if you played at everything?

Wonderful! Would we suffer at all if people played at everything they did? Would anything be lost?

There are some jobs that are necessary, but not fun. I think they can be fun, even if the fun is more a simple satisfaction.

For some people perhaps, I don’t like scrubbing toilets, but I had a friend who preferred it.

Yes, there are enough people having fun in different ways to fill all the jobs.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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