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If it has to change we want a say in it, we want control but people are unfit for control.

Is Anything Not Important? in Play


Does fun have to be euphoric?

No. Considering we will all chunk any information we become acquainted with anyway, why should we make that a rule? Why do we have to unnaturally codify anything?

To coordinate large groups of people?

How do we teach CPR?

Teaching can be very rewarding. Indeed, and they are finding that self directed learning works quicker and lasts longer than rote learning. This is neuroscience talking.

Don’t we teach CPR by encouraging people to play with a doll?

True. I can still remember that taste of plastic and rubbing alcohol. We teach medicine by encouraging students to play with dead things, like a child poking at a road kill with a stick. We make these people who are playing with dead people use their imagination while they are doing it. They call it diagnosis or autopsy. How is this not play? Does play include something else I’m missing?

Anything that involves a mystery or puzzle to be solved is engaging to the mind. Yes. Some activities have a scary amount of responsibility, but even as children our play had that. We had to make sure not to hurt others, or hurt ourselves. Was this managed any better or worse than adults do? Would you want your doctor to be on autopilot? Just assuming they knew what they were looking at? A doctor on autopilot can cost you your life.

No, though many of them are. Indeed, they are. They even commonly engage in prescription drug abuse because their job is “real”, and everyone expects them to be able to do what is in fact not feasible.

It takes a lot of confidence to take on responsibility. They have a lot of pressure put on them by the hospital administration. Because it’s so very important. Can anyone identify something in life that is absolutely not important?

Reality TV shows. The interested parties will be quite angry if their commercial doesn’t draw eyes. They think it’s very important. Anything else?

Picking your nose. You might have a serious obstruction there. I have even heard of someone who once discovered a tumour that way. It was threatening their brain.

They must have been going deep. No, cancer spreads, and even little colonies can kill, little and numerous is still deadly. Anything else?

Not important? The Kardashians? Jersey Shore? Ah well, for their own purposes they are very important, and those who live in Jersey would be very upset to lose any of their landmass.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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