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Guided Grace Meditation #3 in Podcasts

A guided meditation recorded on Reflection Island in Second Life.

Join the group ‘One World, Many Paths’ to attend Vampirekiss Fairey’s Divine Grace meditation classes in real time and subscribe to One World Pod.

Podcast music provided by Magnatune: The Ice Castle by Kirsty Hawkshaw

“In this kind of work, stuff is going to come up one last time to be dealt with then and then be gone. Once you can remember your divinity, it all starts to unwind.

When you see the effects, at first you need help, maybe even a crisis. Complacency is to be shaken up. Your past, future, and the present. All time is one, but we don’t think this way. We see things popping up seemingly from our past. The world is different every second.

Many of you already have awareness that you are more then a human on earth. Getting in touch with our other self, we can gleam information that we might not have access to otherwise. I offer this to you as a possibility. If you can connect with your other self, there experiences also can help you. You can help each other as much as we felt each other in this group.”

Enjoy friends,
Dragon Intuitive

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