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The world is not a machine, You can’t fix it. You can only scar it or let it heal and grow.

Mystery of Comfort in Comfort


I heard a talk by someone who has become hated in the medical industry. Through freedom of information act he uncovered that anti-depressants are as useful as placebos, and they have the tests to show it.

Is there such a thing as a poison placebo, like if somebody thinks a vile of water would kill them, it does? Yes, it’s been proven, and it can go farther. There was a man found dead, because he was trapped in what he knew to be a freezer car on a train. He had all the marks of having frozen to death. The problem was that the freezer car had been broke a long time.  There was air to breath and the air was normal temperature.

This implies we can travel deserts without water to some extent? Yes, and the natives of those deserts do with much less water than non natives. So perhaps the big mystery of comfort, is not how to get or maintain it, but in fact that it’s never out of reach, because it’s a power of your very being.

So simply because this cannot be repeated in a laboratory, it is not respected and isolated to “individual cases“? Yes, to date that is the scientific attitude. It’s changing slowly, but there is no money in it. If anything there is a loss of money as people would need less.

Do you believe in waiting as a simple choice to be made, or do tasks need to be done to earn real relaxation? No, I do not. I believe comfort is breathing. Inhale = rest, exhale = growth, inhale = sensation, exhale = expression.

Interesting. My breath stopped yesterday without holding on my part, and today, in an odd time with my son, I was a tunnel for him and we breathed in unison together. There is mystery in this. Deep wisdom.

One fun exercise I discovered whilst out working alone was rather than telling myself to shut up when the “black dog comes”. I would instead refuse myself permission to stop speaking. Within ten minutes I was laughing. People sacrifice a lot for “clarity.” They don’t even believe they are sacrificing for this clarity. They adopt “thou shalt nots.” They decide that they won’t muddy their waters, though muddy waters are part of the cycle of fertility in the land.

I have a history of fibromyalgia, and stiffness is supposed to result from stiffness/rigidness in thinking, or some such. Now I ask in all humility, where am I being too stiff? You are perhaps staying in what I referred to earlier as a negative rest. Sometimes in an impassioned search for knowledge, especially self knowledge, we feel we find it, and we settle into it despite subtle urges that we shouldn’t get so comfy. Despite the fact that we intuit that something else is true even though you found a set of truths that are very true for you.

I feel very strongly that it’s good and proper to find your “heart.” What is core for you, but the problem is in the phrasing “self knowledge”. You may feel you have found true liberation. I myself have in a sense literally no inhibitions, but knowledge is static, and it ignores the growth/rest cycle. So rather than self knowledge, if you have found your core, embrace self experience even though it may seem to make knowledge fuzzy. Orient on core and navigate, but realize that self knowledge is living knowledge.

This reminds me of the Buddhist message to leave the boat when you get to shore? That metaphor fits. In their case the boat is meditation, and you do have to stop meditating too.

I am feeling that I have settled due to the constraint of poverty and location too much. Settling is not good. No it’s not if it’s stagnant settling. If it’s getting your footing then it’s fine, but then you keep walking. That holding pattern is where you are stiff.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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