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Well, I really think the egg came first. Divinity was laughing so hard at the idea of creating this reality, it laid one.

Too Much Rest in Comfort


We all seek comfort. Cling to it in the face of what we are told, and we often tell ourselves it is a cold cruel world. It can seem like life’s only saving grace, but comfort is both a great good, and also potentially one of the worst evils we face. It’s a natural cycle and has two sides to it.

The comfort zone is hard to escape. Oh it is, and have you ever really wanted to escape it? We all know of rest/relaxation, and supposedly being rested and relaxed is a very great good. But I will say that like food you can over indulge, and it’s no more good for you than over eating. If anything, it is actually more threatening than an over eating habit, because it plugs more tightly into our world view and our conditioning. We are told we have to be distressed until we earn our rest. What does this produce in our world?

Stress. Death of spirit. Never rest. Jam tomorrow and jam yesterday, but never jam today. Comfort is our greatest strength, and we use it to cripple ourselves. We should all want our jam now, or acknowledge that we don’t want jam right now. This is why I say that comfort has two phases. It has a rest phase, and yes we need rest, and it has a growth phase. What happens if blood stagnates? Rests too long?

It clots up. Explosions in the brain…the list goes on. To be very blunt you die. You can rest too much, and rest only serves a purpose as it nurtures growth. You can rest to the point of distress. Many who are put out of their vocation for a physical reason soon develop a mental disability, and it’s from being out of what they understood to be the only growth venue.

That’s true. One can have too much rest. I live a life without any responsibilities, without a job or family. But sometimes we need to act and be told to act. Ah, well action and response are both part of a very natural cycle, and having no opportunities to respond, or no response-abilities of any kind, is not good for you.

So what is the other side of comfort? Well, we have a growth mode. It’s quite natural. It makes you want to see that recent movie that caught your interest, or read the newest intriguing book, or just get out of the house. But do we understand this drive well? Do we actively choose how it behaves? Do we nurture the process, or just let it run on its own until it does something we don’t like and then call it bad?

We have a need to rock the boat? Yes, we do. You often reject that side of comfort. It’s very common in people to reject that comfort, and well, if they do are they ever really comforted? Is the rest enough and are they satisfied in it? We can have much comfort, and much energy, much strength, but we deny ourselves that.

Some of that is morality creeping in. The idea it’s bad to be good to yourself. It’s an orthodox view that seeking comfort is selfish.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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