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If it has to change we want a say in it, we want control but people are unfit for control.

Self Experience in Comfort


I find that rest and growth come in cycles. As if spirit is directing all sorts of synchronicity, and then once the information has been received the rest begins to integrate what was taken in. Yes, indeed. I have called it the breath of the spirit, but our “self knowledge” often misdirects the growth cycle of comfort. For self knowledge to be knowledge in the strictest sense, it has to remain at rest, static. This is a negative rest, and is what people are talking about when they say they can’t get out of their comfort zone. People will sacrifice everything for this negative rest. They mistake it for having an identity, and to have an identity they lose a presence. They loose the chance for “self experience”.

Oh, now I see what you’re saying. The key word is comfort zone. Yes, defined comfort zone. Not the flow of spirit which often exceeds the defined comfort zone, and can make people quite paranoid in their world view.

But isn’t knowledge always growing and changing? Learning and forgetting, new challenges require new knowledge? Indeed, thus my reference to self experience. You may be in a habit of seeing all the popular movies. It’s very possible that you don’t want to do any such thing. What you actually want is experience, stimulation. This is quite natural and necessary to our well being, but you have a source of experience on hand wherever you go. Always.  Wherever you go there you are. Wherever you go you can experience self.

We want to see what war is like from our comfortable sofa, but nobody wants to really be in a war. This is the difference between brain and mind, or even body and spirit. The brain isn’t your mind. The body isn’t your spirit. They are obedient servants there of, but they function as they need to as much as they function the way you command them to. Your brain wants stimulation, and it doesn’t care what that stimulation is. Thus masochists. The body wants to experience life, and it doesn’t care what makes it aware it’s alive, and thus you have thrill seekers.

Now where the break is, and there doesn’t have to be any break with open awareness to this, is the brain/body is obedient for a reason. Even if it is a creature of this existence, it arose from a causative force that is generally so vast as to be indefinable, but your presence is part of that causative force. People make war on the brain/body, and say that the spirit/mind can have no part of it. “God can not be in the presence of sin” is a popular view. What has this view done to our world?

We look away. Yes, and this was never the truth. We look away and say we are looking for the truth, or some do the reverse. They immerse and declare there is no spiritual truth. Are either comfortable? Is either at peace and can they be with that path? They are “in harmony” with the screams of the damned. It’s a very ugly music is it not?

Well, we can learn of it? Ok.  True, we can, and this raises my next point about comfort. Discomfort, or distress. Are these bad things? You can go beyond comfort both on the growth side and the rest side. Distress isn’t an evil thing, but we are taught it is. Distress can serve our greatest good, because it highlights very clearly the anatomy of our soul. The Marquis de Sade was not a total lunatic, and this is what made his corruption all the more intense.

Give that man a drink. He is stressed. We cannot have that. We medicate the distressed. We tell them to take it easy. “Take it easy” is very bad advice. I have never seen one case where it was good. “Take it honestly” now… Well, that is good advice but very hard to do, because we tell people they must forget themselves. They are being selfish if they are confronting “what’s in it for me”. They are being egotists if they want to know about their role or presence in the situation. Do these teachings really give us blissful transcendence?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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