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To affirm life is to respect its cycles. You can offer no disrespect to the departed by living vibrantly.

Life In Transition in Transition


Anybody feel like their life is in transition? Care to share what that is like?

  • I’m sacred. I mean scared. I don’t know what the future holds, and things are changing so fast. Sacred too, but was not your point.
  • Excited. Excellent.

Both of you are maybe the only ones here not in transition. Most people don’t think there life is in transition and generally feel more comfy when they think they are not, but they actually are. Your lives are actually not in transition. They are at what I call a decisive point. If life has any meaning and any form, it’s decided in the moments you are going through. If you are ready for this point in your life, you can actually be free of the limbo of transition. You have a chance to arrive at a new point where most people don’t.

Ever hear the phrase “You can’t get there from here”? For people who feel like their life is stable, that’s exactly where they are. Having everything go with the routine. Everything pretty predictable. If they have changes, they want to make the “can’t get there from here.” Can’t get to change and keep the supposedly stable drifting daily life. What has remained constant in your lives, my friends?

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  • My family, is always there for me. Excellent, anyone else have a constant?
  • My seeking. Very good.
  • I’m alive. And life is a constant also, yes.

Very good, ever notice your constant things are never routine? They don’t actually seem “stable”? They don’t let you settle. You can thank them for playing a very important role in your life, because to really live requires growth and growth hurts, at least in a way. It can change of course, as you come to see exactly what’s going on behind the pain. But tell me, do your joys not also “hurt”?

  • It does hurt. It hurts when the joy is over. Hmm, that hurt happened before the joy.
  • The joy of gain often has a mirror of loss.

People often miss the opportunities in the decision points because their timing is all off. Your life is like a river. It has all the geographical features, calm pools, falls, even flows. Has it all. We make the mistake of trying to dictate the timing and then we don’t learn our real timing. We make mistakes like jumping the gun on a relationship, or driving too hard to achieve a goal when we don’t have a chance, and being too burned out when that chance actually comes along. The advice to go with the flow is good, but usually it’s given with too shallow an intent. People don’t tell you anything about the river, do they?

How do we find our real timing? You find your real timing in the moment you are in now. Ever notice your critical moments have a strange repetitive quality? That’s like a whirlpool in the river, and those happen when two flows clash. But you are this river, and the clash is in you. Every river has a heart, a central flow.

It feels like a storm sometimes. Oh, indeed. If you are in a powerful moment and have strong spiritual support, these moments can seem crazy powerful. This is usually a good sign. It means plenty of opportunity to win free. But if every time you get into the whirlpool you ask “Why me?”, you will get right back into that storm yet again. Nature always gives you calm periods, but those aren’t what gives your life meaning.

So don’t fight it? You have to do something more than not fight it. You have to recognize it for what it is. This storm is you, and you keep coming to it because of how you see yourself. How you have chosen to judge yourself. The flow is broad for everyone, or at least can be. We can live and flow anywhere and everywhere. We have a very great deal of freedom, but because you say “I’m in trouble”, you don’t see that you flowed into it when you thought everything was calm.

Your life is stable to the degree that you have these moments of “crisis” and actually use them.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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