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Vanity arises when you believe beauty is a moral or social virtue. True virtue needs no classification.

Living From Core in Geasa


Fear is my worst enemy. Fear is everyone’s worst enemy, and the reason it is, is because people are afraid of fear. They will do anything to avoid it, or end it. They refuse with all their energy to look at it, and thus can repeat it their whole lives.

It’s hard to get out of that cycle. It is hard, very hard, but is any effort in this life more rewarding than freedom from fear? They say that come the day you die, especially if you know you will die that day, you will not regret what you did as much as you will regret the things you feared to do.

Is freedom from fear something attained from your core? Yes, actually. Good insight. When you are living from your core there is no room for fear. Your core is not divided or divisible. When you find the core wisdom, you will defer to it in the face of any and every fear.

Another story, for example, is more modern. There was an African man who had lost his family to a fire. His life fell to pieces and no one thought much more about him or his life as he spent most of his time drinking and engaging in drunken outbursts. He was a very angry man, till one day he was walking aimlessly down the street when someone had a vehicle accident. They crashed into a roadside obstacle hard and lost consciousness, and their car caught fire. A few people saw this and were fearful for the man, but made no move to help him as they didn’t feel they could. This “drunk” did not hesitate. He opened the door of the vehicle without thinking and proceeded to smother the fire in any way he could, and then helped the man out of the burning car. When the authorities and the media arrived to deal with this dramatic event and heard what happened, they asked what gave him the courage to rescue that man. In his dazed and embarrassed state all he could think to say was, “I really hate fire.” In his supposedly wasted life, this man still valued life itself more than anything else, and could not, no matter how bitter he might have been, allow this man to burn. This is an example of the core truth, and we all have this power inside us.

His inner strength. We are all best served by finding this. We will never become fearless, no one ever is, but with the core truth, fear ceases to matter.

You can fight dragons. Yes, indeed, or dragon slayers if you see dragons as allies.

Fear is a signal to be cautious, very useful. But fear for the fear is my worst enemy. Ah yes, and it’s a real challenge. So very real a challenge that we have all these guides and traditions many of which are thousands of years old. Only the fool calls someone else a fool. The wise see wisdom everywhere. They fill their minds eye with it so much so that they can “see” nothing else.

Oh, I remember a very humorous example out of my real life about fear and superstition. Back in High School, we went for a long distance walk. We just left the building as I see a black cat cross the street. So I think, or even say to my friends, “Oh no, a black cat means bad luck.”, and I bump into a sign, because I was looking sideways to the cat instead of forward. Self-fulfilling. Any story that brings amusement is also a story learned from.

We jinx ourselves. And it gets worse when we convince ourselves that it is somehow an absolute or enduring truth. If you have one of those moments, it can be had then let go of, or even used as a reminder of what we can do both against ourselves and for ourselves. Everything that trips us up can also empower us. When I make what I feel is an embarrassing mistake, if I haven’t let it snowball, I just tell myself it’s a reminder for me to start over. To refocus and continue what I was doing. It doesn’t trip me up in any absolute way.

We all need the little wake up tap on the shoulder once in a while. I agree. So anyone want to share a way in which they were blessed or grew stronger from a “curse”?

I have an eight year old girl. When she was born, she had several heart disease complications and she was tube fed by us for three yrs. I’m not sure how this is going to relate, but I’ll try. No worries, all life experience has something to teach.

In a way, my wife and I felt cursed that this was thrown on us because we did something wrong. Don’t get me wrong, we love our girl, but our lives really were difficult for a while. But we grew stronger through it. I think it may have been part of that inner strength that comes out when needed. Yes, and can come out when grown. It never fully recedes once it shows itself. Once you see a truth, you can’t unsee it.

So, a curse and a blessing at the same time. Well, you my friends might understand this truth best of all, “All life is sacred.” You can’t fully appreciate that, perhaps, until you had to struggle to preserve it. That of yourself or another person. But life, all of life’s lessons, it’s neither a competition nor a punishment. The realm of the potential often plays out in seemingly mysterious ways. Mysterious, but not unintelligible. This was the reason for the ancient mystery faiths. You may not be able to intellectualize every insight into life and reality, but you can arrive at understanding. You cannot achieve understanding, because it’s nothing you do. You arrive there in the fullness of time and experience. With peace of heart and reflection, you can arrive a bit more quickly and smoothly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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