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The way of control is in the way of the controlled. The concept of control is what prevents control. It implies something must be controlled.

Your Core Truth in Geasa


To use myself as an example. My one virtue, my one core value, is that I will not accept anything other than freedom. So I see a lot of what people put forward as “THE TRUTH” as half truths at best. As much as people convince themselves of evil things, I am very good at showing them how it isn’t actually so, and not because I judge them. As I said earlier, I won’t accept anything other than freedom, which includes freedom from me and my judgements. I use their very own views. That is my way of blessing people. Anyone else want to share their blessing with us?

You can bless people simply by showing them the way to their own truths? Yes.

I think therapists are blessings then, the ones that listen. Without saying you must, or must not, or they prefer talking over medication. They can be, yes. A sincere therapist can be an effective healer, though even more just use psychology as a racket because it pays really well.

For every virtue there is a vice. For every blessing there is a curse. The wisdom to be had is to know how your blessing and your curse connect you to the world of the potential, and to use this knowledge with clarity of intention. My own way of cursing someone is just the mirror reflection of my blessing. Just as I can free someone from a lie, I know how lies start, and can strengthen a lie to really intense degrees. Make a lie you use to make yourself “comfortably numb” into a horrible nightmare. And for those who wilfully deny others their freedom, the “false prophets” and hypocritical gurus, I will most certainly do this. Would this be unjust of me? To my view, false faith needs to be broken.

You can deny them the freedom to mistreat you? Actually, I give them the freedom to mistreat me, and I lure them into mistreating me even more, because it’s the falsehood of their “faith” that makes them do those evils in the first place.

You lure them into making a fool of themselves? If I do not, then they can endure in their hypocrisy for years, even decades.

So you are setting a trap? I am setting a trap and I will even tell them I am. In their “wisdom”, they will walk right into it. I do not lie to them.

The false ones take the bait to preserve their self-image or so they try. The true ones won’t take it because the true ones have nothing to prove or no one to convert. They bring peace, and I leave them with their peace. I like peace.

You can think of the one mistreating you as Daffy Duck. That’s the funny thing about evil. Evil is often sickly comedic, and as I said, darkness and evil are not the same thing. Every phase of life has its own night. As uncomfortable as you may judge it to be, it will come and needs to for the good of everyone.

To take it to Geasa in general, you may feel it shows more wisdom to remain “neutral”. To not agree with one side or another. This is a mistaken notion based on a half truth. There is wisdom in not agreeing with either side in an oppositional situation, but no matter what you do, you will be in agreement with some one or some thing. You can’t avoid this. Every part of reality is connected to other parts of reality at all times, this includes you, but you can knowingly choose your Geasa.

It is uncomfortable to be caught in the middle when you don’t know which side to agree with. You should never arbitrarily agree with anyone, and you never need to. You don’t have to become actively involved with any conflict, just be who you are and do what you know to do, and you will influence everything you come into contact with anyway.

You mean choose your core truth? In a sense, yes. You can choose your core truth, because everyone’s core truth is infinite. What you cannot choose is the “spirit” of your core truth. All of your core values will have a unified character. The divine produces nothing that is in any way broken or has any breaks in it.

So your core truth is what you do and how you “feel” about things? Yes. It’s not your mood or emotional reaction. It’s more a feeling like seeing the sky is vision. It’s a truth you don’t need to define, you just sense it, and you can sense if you are rejecting it as well.

Your deepest intuition. Exactly, well said. So from that one intuition you can write an endless stream of songs. Your limitations will only be what you choose.

Is it what they call in some religions “a calling”? Yes, that’s so. It’s also called a dharma or ones “destiny”. The original teachings about destiny did not deny choice, they just supported a recognition that there is bigger life that ours is a part of. A dharma wheel, well… the wheel symbolism in general. It isn’t specific to Buddhism. There is no inherent virtue to getting off the wheel or staying on it. What matters is seeing that you are not the wheel but the hub itself. Finding that you are the unmoving point and the prime mover.

What if you go by your core truth, but it makes people angry? Good question. It’s unfortunate, but you cannot avoid making people angry. What you can avoid is being false. Otherwise, at any given time and in any specific situation, there is always the potential that someone will choose anger. You are not responsible for their anger. You are only responsible for the truth of your actions, but I should clarify. Truth is not veracity. It’s not consistency. It’s not fact checking of any kind. The truth of your actions can lead to your choosing to remain silent or choosing to abstain from action.

That can be a difficult thing to remember when their anger is bad enough to be frightening. When their anger rages, your truth is best served in the recognition that at that moment it will not be heard. You shouldn’t bother to try to shout over the storm. To paraphrase a story of the teacher known as Jesus, when he and his disciples were out at sea and sleeping in the hold of their boat, a fierce storm blew up and had them all fearing for their lives. They woke Jesus to ask for his guidance or intercession, and at first he was confused about their fear and tried to speak to them about that. When it became clear that they would not hear him, he went to the deck of the ship and said to the storm “Peace, be still” and it ended. Even if this story is allegory only, the point is still very clear. Any storm will pass. Any potential will play itself out. What makes it happen again is fear. The idea that you can’t choose and are powerless.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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