'Geasa' Chapter


Geis is an old Gaelic word that translates roughly to bond or obligation. Curse and blessing work are based on the process of conversion. The conversion of potentials into outward work. A curse works by provoking the subject into engaging in self destructive behaviour, or settling into a self destructive focus of awareness. A blessing works by encouraging the persons healing and productive behaviour, or freeing up the persons awareness for life affirmative insights. Both curses and blessings work by contagion. They work by the principle of “like affects like”.

“A lot of life is dealing with your curse, dealing with the cards you were given that aren’t so nice. Does it make you into a monster, or can you temper it in some way, or accept it and go in some other direction?” Wes Craven

“Every blessing ignored becomes a curse.” Paulo Coelho

Beliefs Coming True

Geis is an old Gaelic word that translates roughly to bond or obligation, and as much as people like to claim they have “no strings attached”, we all actually do. People often get stuck on the notion that they might… Seek More

Open To Potential

We are all familiar, at least in some way, with energy. We all know at least enough about energy to be able to say we lack energy, but in fact no one actually lacks energy, ever. In both physics and… Seek More

Wise Curse

People have this idea of being “good at” stuff. In the name of being good at stuff, people defeat themselves. The talented never give much thought to being good at what they do, they just do it naturally, and would… Seek More

Wise Blessing

Now on to blessings. The blessing of the hypocrite will always leave you empty handed. The reason the blessing of the hypocrite will always leave you empty handed is because if they only pay lip service to wisdom and spiritual… Seek More

Your Core Truth

To use myself as an example. My one virtue, my one core value, is that I will not accept anything other than freedom. So I see a lot of what people put forward as “THE TRUTH” as half truths at… Seek More

Living From Core

Fear is my worst enemy. Fear is everyone’s worst enemy, and the reason it is, is because people are afraid of fear. They will do anything to avoid it, or end it. They refuse with all their energy to look… Seek More