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This attempt to see mind from a biological point of view is weak at best.

Wise Blessing in Geasa


Now on to blessings. The blessing of the hypocrite will always leave you empty handed. The reason the blessing of the hypocrite will always leave you empty handed is because if they only pay lip service to wisdom and spiritual virtues, they have no vision for the actual spirit in life, and they will reveal no light in your life as they are blind to it themselves. Even worse, if they set themselves up as a false Saint, they can even blind you to the presence of the light in your life, being a thief of truth rather than a healer of spirit.

It’s like people say nice things to you to your face, but they do not feel it? Exactly. Most people bless nothing and no one, but just because they do not, doesn’t mean they can not. Everyone can bring blessings into not only their own lives, but those of everyone around them as well. And it’s sort of related to the reason you can feel trust in the blessing of a priest who is sincere in their faith. You can bless yourself and others to the degree you practice dedication to the light in life and the truth of this great light that supports us all.

You can hear it in their voice when they are well meaning. You can. Just as you cannot be deceived by malice, genuine innocence cannot be counterfeited.

What happens if you are surrounded by curse people. How can you find blessing in your life? That’s a very good question. If you are surrounded by the accursed, any light you have shines that much more brightly. It’s the funny thing about blessing work. When all is well, then a blessing will seem like no big deal, but in the darkness even a little light shines so brightly it can make the dark seem entirely meaningless. So how do you do that?

Well, we all have one virtue in us that serves as a spiritual signature. It’s sort of like our spiritual finger print. One value that we couldn’t abandon no matter how hard we tried. If you discover that, and deliberately cultivate that, the only way the accursed could stay that way will be to distance themselves from you.

We have to be willing to let people leave. That is an obstacle some people can’t get over, so they don’t get out from under it. You are right. The life of the blessed is not necessarily easy.

So why is it when someone sneezes do we say bless you? That’s just an old tradition which is saying nothing more than “I do not wish you death.” But even it can be used on purpose if you have the understanding to do so.

Did they think sneezing allowed evil spirits to invade? They did, yes. They didn’t understand viruses or stuff like that. In olden days, a sneeze often led to death.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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