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If you are feeling lonely, it’s because you don’t feel present as what you are, or accepted for what you are.

Open To Potential in Geasa


We are all familiar, at least in some way, with energy. We all know at least enough about energy to be able to say we lack energy, but in fact no one actually lacks energy, ever. In both physics and metaphysics, there are two types of energy. The energy we experience directly in the obvious way, and what they call “potential energy”.

You can be low on energy? You can think you are low on energy, and you can be low in energy of action. But your energy never actually grows or disappears, it only changes form. When you get sleepy, your energy of action has become scattered, and your potential energy is stronger. This is why we dream, and what you dream about will sooner or later show up in some way in your waking life.

People think depression is low energy, but I expect it takes a lot of energy. It takes huge amounts of energy, and expresses itself in angry outbursts as much as it does in listless apathy.

Curse and blessing work, both, are based on this process of conversion. The conversion of potentials into outward work. A curse works by provoking the subject into engaging in self destructive behaviour, or settling into a self destructive focus of awareness. A blessing works by encouraging the persons healing and productive behaviour, or freeing up the persons awareness for life affirmative insights. Both curses and blessings work by contagion. They work by the principle of “like affects like”.

We use those words cursed or blessed when we are in those states. Yes, exactly, and whether it’s literally true or not doesn’t matter. It all plays out in the same way.

Ok, here is where we get to my friends observation of the person who seems to take pleasure in other persons mistakes or failures. Everybody know the saying “misery loves company”? Most people don’t need anyone else to curse them. If someone else did curse them, they wouldn’t actually notice it, because they are constantly cursing themselves. “Jinxing” their own opportunities, and couldn’t tell one curse from another. The person who takes note of your mistakes and engages you on the basis of your failures doesn’t necessarily take pleasure in this. They aren’t lying when they protest that they aren’t making fun of you. What motivates them is that they understand you more when you fail. You are more present to them when you are confused and lost. When you do well, they lose connection with you though they have no idea why. These persons might jinx you, but they don’t have any idea how to do it on purpose, as they don’t have any grasp of energy or reality and how it works, at all. These people are “accursed”. They aren’t evil, nor are they martyrs, they are just lost.

There is another type of people, though they are more rare, the “blessed”. We all might know one of these people, or someone who is on the threshold of being among the blessed. These people don’t see any wrong. They don’t criticise anyone. They see life as whole and just worth experiencing, and if anything can go wrong, they just don’t worry about it very much. As naive as they may seem, they never seem to come to much harm.

Some are so immersed in this state of being that they make things go better even without trying. You couldn’t say how they made anything any better, but things just reverse themselves because this blessed person was involved. They bless others without even trying.

We consider ourselves lucky to know these people, but here is the big secret. There is no such thing as being lucky or unlucky. We come into the company of these blessed people when we are open to the potential that we call being “blessed”. We come into the company of the accursed when we open to the idea of being cursed and the notion that life is “unfair”. Life is neither fair nor unfair, it’s just consistent.

So even someone winning a jackpot in poker isn’t lucky? They are not lucky. If they were not open to the idea they could win it, they would never have had the chance.

There is a saying, “Luck is when hard work and opportunity meet.” Yes. They can’t be lucky without being connected.

So it’s like if you think negative thoughts, then you will attract negative things? Basically, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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