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Feeling you have to do what you can’t, prevents you from doing what you can.

Wise Curse in Geasa


People have this idea of being “good at” stuff. In the name of being good at stuff, people defeat themselves. The talented never give much thought to being good at what they do, they just do it naturally, and would still do it even if no one else praised what they did, because they are connected to what they do. The talented musician can’t stop being a musician. They can do things other than music, but the music is always in them to do, and keeps returning to them throughout their lives.

Stephen King can’t retire. Basically, you are right. The talented can’t retire, because they can’t stop being what they are. Stephen King is a story teller. There are people who are “gamers”. You will notice that the successful gambler isn’t fixated on any specific game, they are just as likely to buy a lottery ticket as they are to sit down to a game of poker. And just as likely to try their hand at a job they don’t really know anything about, as they are to take a big risk on a stock purchase. They do this for no other reason than it feels right. It’s in their nature. They also tend to not come to any harm, in part, because they don’t have the “magic bullet” delusion. They aren’t trying to do something amazing with a single act. They are just aware that things can happen “randomly”.

So to curse or bless ourselves is determined by the degree we are true to ourselves? Yes, exactly.

Now to curse or bless another, and have it work, is another thing all together. A curse laid by a liar will always fail. A blessing offered by a hypocrite will always leave you empty handed. There are two realms of activity in reality, but most of us are aware of only one. That realm we call the “actual”. Most of us decide that the potential is “not real”, so we work with it very little or not at all. But nothing happens in the actual without first having existed in the potential, and you can take actions that draw the potential out into the actual world.

I say the curse of the liar never works, because in order to have a curse work you have to have the honesty to see how anyone or anything is weak. How it is weak in truth, and not just whatever bigoted opinion you might have. If I say you are weak willed, just because I have some delusion that makes me see everyone as weak willed, it will be meaningless and have no power.

I’m thinking it may be a way to remove obstacles in our path? In theory, used constructively, yes. A curse is a way to make a stale cookie crumble. Most people aren’t fit for this type of work though. Maybe it will be clearer with a discussion of blessing.

So for curses to work we have to be honest? Exactly. One must have a clear view of the darkness in the world, and I say darkness and not evil for a reason. Darkness is a part of a universal cycle. Into every day night must fall.

But curses are a bad thing? Foolish curses are a bad thing, yes. In fact, just generating ill will is nothing more than creating energy pollution in your environment, and doesn’t do anything constructive at all. Poisons not only the person you intend, but you and your loved ones as well, and might not even effect the target of your curse. So it’s really not a good idea if you are just having a petty fit of anger, but if you were genuinely wronged and there is a real evil in your life, then a curse is just fighting fire with fire.

If it’s a lie, the person won’t have the weakness you’re aiming for. Exactly. Most people don’t have anything in their life so evil that curse work is justified.

Or rather, it is a waste of your energy. Also true, but there are consequences in life for you wasting energy, so the outcome is still negative one way or another.

So curses can be useful in a good way or are they always meant to be malicious? They can be useful. I will use a very old type of story to illustrate. The old Celtic Bards would from time to time use their lore to bend the fate of a petty Chief, cause the fall of an unfit and even evil clan leader. The Bards were known for their deep insight into the true nature of people and reality itself, and if a Bard sung of your weakness of spirit, you would fall. You would be stripped of any power you had over people or situations, even if people were otherwise supporting you. Does this explain how curses can be something other than evil?

But wouldn’t it come back on you, like what you send out comes back to you? Yes and no. Wise use of curse work adds nothing to the negative energy. The wise curse takes the negativity and shapes it in such a way as to cause the evil to fail faster, and has nothing to do with anyone’s personal prejudices or petty anger.

And those are often lies, right? Prejudice and petty anger, yes. They are, in fact, always lies. Most people don’t experience anger arising from truth.

So you can’t fool anyone really. You can’t fool anyone inwardly. Inward reality is never obscured. You may smile to their face, but inwardly they can feel malice if they have insight.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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