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Reality as it was defined is coming unglued. I am not afraid of that, exhilarated.

Love Is in Love


Love being relational raises a question. Is there love in ‘oneness’? As is most commonly defined, no. We originate in seeming duality as a manifestation of love. Love can be said to be the clear and aware engagement of the life/light itself.  The will of the divine and of all life before any discord, is love. A child’s will is love. The desire of a newborn to be held is love. If nurtured, the desire of the toddler to explore and return to the mother is also love. It’s a natural order.

Love is our most natural state of being? Yes, exactly.  Love is natural here and now in this duality. There is nothing to attain? True.

Love as a power of connection between people? Yes. But it’s a power of connection and connectivity not only between people, but between all living things, and between us and the earth itself.

Earth is our original mother? Yes. Evolution arises not from death. Death serves a balancing purpose, but if the evolutionary force was death we would not thrive. If the evolutionary force was death, nothing would endure. Nothing could leave any legacy that we would later declare evolution.

Death is just a self rectifying reaction in life to further permit the unfolding of potential. It doesn’t spur evolution, it just clears blocks to it, and love exists in the context of death. Our spiritual lives can be summarized as a relationship to those two facets of reality, love and death, which are not dual. They are dynamic. When we engage the other, especially in the most intimate ways, we are on some level overwhelmed. Their life is as powerful as ours, and on a very primal level something tells us we risk death with this intense engagement. Is this not so? The biggest fear of love is losing sense of self, and yet love drives us to just such engagement. They are a constantly balanced set of phenomenon, and “sin” is simple error in perceiving and moving with this balance. One can seek the passive face or seeming of love, and in their obsessive pursuit fail to know love. It’s actually a rather common issue.

Seeming? They see the outer and aren’t engaging the living spirit of it. Forcing a fit to reality. This leads to errors which tend to be self compounding, and thus they say in Christianity the wage of sin is death. It need not be literal, nor is it a punishment. As the dynamic balance is thrown off it self extinguishes, like fighting fire with fire. Only in balance does the sought after vibrant life thrive and endure.

Meaning the wage of sin is loss of love, or change of relationship? No, not loss of love, because it was in fact not being observed. Love is the principle that avoids that tension, that heat death that they attribute the supposedly evil quality of the passions to. But yes, death as in change. Nothing out of synch with love or the law of existence can endure, because it tries to endure “on its own”. Nature abhors a void, and nothing does or can exist outside of the context of its origin. People put a great deal of thought into the idea of “on my own”. They even say you are born alone, and you die alone. This is a blatant falsehood. For one it’s not physically possible. No one is self aborning.

What people keep calling ‘evil’ is part of this dynamic and will endure? Hmm, the evil exists in a state of tension. The tension is its only context, and as is very naturally observable, evil is self defeating.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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