'Love' Chapter


A broken heart is crumpled, shrivelled. It changes even if you never shut your heart out, and it isn’t really the same each time it happens. What is held in awareness is empowered. What is shoved out of awareness withers.

There is loving someone, and there is “falling in love”. They aren’t contrary, and neither are they identical. I would offer that giving and receiving had not be independent things. If you give your heart you aren’t loosing it, but immersing your awareness in a process that permeates the world anyway. You are just letting it be personal. In the eastern disciplines you give and receive chi. Which is seen as the essence of your very being.

Unconditional love is the willingness to allow those we care about to be exactly as they are. “Emo” is a passive defiance of a culture that makes passion taboo. It has manifested repeatedly in anything after the hippy movement. It’s a collective counter spirit. Emo is its current stage, and it’s the strangeness that can reveal the lie of todays culture if anyone was paying any attention.

“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” Morrie Schwartz

Force of Love

The subject is love, and I will be attempting to discuss love in a broad sense. There is a principle in nature, and by nature I don’t mean the conventional sense, but nature as the primal essence from which evident… Seek More

Love Is

Love being relational raises a question. Is there love in ‘oneness’? As is most commonly defined, no. We originate in seeming duality as a manifestation of love. Love can be said to be the clear and aware engagement of the… Seek More

Way to Love

Being alone, as I understand it, is often a production of our thoughts making us think we’re alone? Yes, I agree, but it’s not an original thought. It’s an afterthought that arises from the series of expectations we are taught,… Seek More

Principle of Love

I mean to discuss love, not as a personal feeling so much, but as an aspect of the world and its function. It’s a very pervasive principle, but as most people know it, it seems to be as much a… Seek More

Lovers By Nature

We are all lovers by nature, but allow circumstances to taint our ability to give. We think of self as unworthy, but there is no unity outside of that. The false self is the self we are taught, as opposed… Seek More

The Center Holds

Your mind comes from the same source as anything you will accept as mind comes from.  Minds existed before your personal mind existed, and will after. Mind, like love, is an aspect of existence that we did not create, that… Seek More

What Does it Mean to Fall in Love?

What does it mean to fall in love? Obsession, addiction. Contentment. To find someone you care about more than yourself. When someone or something touches my empathy. There is no wrong answer to the question of what it means to… Seek More

We Feel Whole

Our minds have evolved in ways that we are not consciously aware of most of the time. One of the ruling factors of that unconscious, but still very tangible facet of the human mind, is that we are especially sensitive… Seek More

Love First

The force of thought is like fire, where love is like water. Love is receptive, adapts. Fire is consuming, breaks things down and changes everything it touches. An appropriate metaphor? How does anyone control a fire? Either douse it or… Seek More

Gives us Life

To continue with the elemental metaphor, our soul, our psyche, our capacity for love behaves like an elemental force. This is why it can wear even the most determined independent person down, but it also is not confined to our… Seek More