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Life is too short for doubt. Whatever you doubt you either really want to do it, or you don’t. So do or don’t, and move on I say.

Love is a River in Love


Life is Russian roulette to the degree that we make it that with our thinking. Nature and your inner nature had different plans. It does indeed have plans. Your DNA is a plan. Your acquired adaptations are plans. Your intuitive reactions and organic impulses are plans. So since we have no choice but to fall in love, what should we do about that? Any ideas?

Go for it. Love is a river, life is the landscape. When exploring a region which defines the landscape more, a river or the surrounding hills?

Oh, the river would be used as the reference point first. What happens when following a river in the wilderness when we stray too far from it into unknown territory?

We can go in circles. Is it safe?

We can get lost. What about making a home in new wilderness? Can that be away from a river or stream?

Then how would you get water? You have to have a reliable water source. Exactly. Love is a river, and water is life. It is possible to find a well, but even that was already a part of the water table, the river system. This is why living such complex and abstract, even twisted, lives don’t drive us crazy from day one. Sometimes we find touch points, but it’s still the same force, and if you would preserve that well over time, you will still have to trace it back to its source.

Start with love for self, be willing to experience self, be in love with the life that you are. What life can you love other than your own? If you see your life as having quality through the presence of other people in it, that is still your life. Can someone who hates their own life love anyone else’s?

No. We judge what we hate in ourselves first, then use that to judge others? And that judgement has to remain consistent, which means when we see ourselves in other, we have to hate them for it also, and who won’t you see yourself in? Charlie Manson? He’s a really imaginative guy and is into art.

Someone you truly love? One cannot truly love and hate themselves at the same time. So fall in love with yourself, and by yourself I don’t mean your self-image. Often times your self wants you to drop some part of your self-image. Ever experience this?

Yes, often when I see another reacting to it. If your self-image is being a really disciplined person, and when you run into something that makes you grind your gears mentally, your self wants to stop for a bit and come back to it later. But your self-image won’t let you. Your thinking won’t let you.

Or you think you know something and then realize you don’t really, and you don’t have to. That realization is the self managing to get some of its wisdom across.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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