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Spirituality is life. Any part of life you are in.

Falling in Love in Love


So back to generalized love. Love as a behavioral guide. Remember I said love behaves like an elemental force?

We identify with things that we feel we can relate to. Passionate and angry people typically love fire. Imaginative and reflective people often love to be by water, and the list goes on and on. When the thing in question seems to behave in a way we can identify with, we can fall in love with it. Some people fall in love with being police. They passionately identify with being the guardians of their communities. Some people fall in love with being doctors, rescuing people from deaths doorstep. Some fall in love with being artists, expressing the subtle facets of life that mostly go unnoticed. But just like falling in love with a person, the process can be resisted. What happens when we do that?

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We feel stifled. Can you be a great writer if you try to control or limit how much of a role writing takes in your life?

I doubt it. It doesn’t mean it will consume your life either. That happens when we twist that natural relationship with our thinking, but it can become a pervasive and holistically integrated part of your life.

In the studies of ‘great’ people in music, success is directly proportional to the amount of practice / time spent on their craft. And they spend that time because it comes naturally to them. For me, thinking about the metaphysical, mental and spiritual aspects of life comes naturally. I don’t know if I could try to stop it and function appropriately at the same time. It’s just part of my flow.

So, since we have no choice but to fall in love, does it seem like we do?

We have the choice of what to do about it.

In general, people fight it too much, prioritizing their thinking first and hence people have so many troubles.

They suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. The reason why is simple. They are placing bets, weighing odds, rather than flowing like water into the most natural course of action.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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