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Absolute truth speaks in silence, and none can fail to heed it’s voice.

Lovers By Nature in Love


We are all lovers by nature, but allow circumstances to taint our ability to give. We think of self as unworthy, but there is no unity outside of that. The false self is the self we are taught, as opposed to what we are without being shown a role. What we are at our inner natures (for some schools the “Buddha mind”) is love.

There is an arising that manifests beyond the concept of separation, and there is no implicit opposition between mother and child when the baby discovers the idea of “me”. Man was made in the image of God. The Bible also says in seeking God turn inward, not out to the world where you are given roles, but inward to source. I John says “God is Love”. The Bible also says that the word of God is written upon the human heart. God being love, Gods will is love. Does God complicate this for us?

What God? Which God? Perhaps Good Orderly Direction if you prefer.

Is there anyone who doesn’t intuitively understand what it means to be loved? I would say yes. I would say we are all immersed rather early in conditions, and our parents tend to emphasize the importance of these conditions beyond realizing human nature, because they believe these conditions have importance beyond realizing human nature.

Love is the glue that binds humanity? Love is a principle that is stronger than death. If death drove evolution than there would be nothing left to grow, and nothing would change. But if you look about the world every evidence is that things do change, and death or ending is a half truth at best.

I think survival drives evolution? Yes, and love drives survival. Survival for the individual, and for the family unit. For your people, and for your relations of any kind.

Death falls within the realm of form, the manifest. Indeed, and deaths purpose is reactionary, a balancing. It’s not an originating force, but connected to the unity of forces in this world which are perfectly coherent.

What are these forces you speak of? Life shows every evidence of being a force transcendent of specific manifestations. It is said in all forms of mysticism, and evidenced now even more so in science. This transcendent life does not seem to perpetuate its nature or cycles by any behaviour other than what we would call love. Relationships aren’t duality. They are a manifestation of the infinite in relationship. A reconciliation rather than a fall from some state of grace. Can you call grace unmanifested grace?

I don’t know what the omnipresence transcends, and where does it go when it transcends? Up? Up and down, in and out, are irrelevant. I would say it becomes more present when it transcends. It’s unactualized grace. Grace, glory, potential. Anything you would deem awesome of worth. Un-manifested what is it?

Then what is being transcended? What is being transcended is the tension, or detention, of life itself. The grasping factor. Love is not grasping, it’s freeing. All potential in the life force is perceived and expressed as is lifes nature.

Is grace kind of like a momentary paradigm shift? Yes, grace would be similar to the sudden and temporary enlightenment some schools of Buddhism speak of.

Once you experience a moment of grace you can’t return to the former state? That is true. Even if you don’t retain a sense of the exalted spiritual state you don’t actually fall, because ascension and falling are human views. I should say “human learning” in which there is little or no viewing. Love is a state of being in relation, and a peace in that relating.

An “exalted spiritual state” is just a fuzzy idea someone made up. I agree. It’s the first blush of a connection the person likely didn’t know they were capable of, because in general our culture doesn’t focus on that.

The grace in your definition as compared to ‘enlightenment’ is the transcendent experience of non-duality. Is that state of unity consciousness love, or is unity consciousness just an idea? Unity consciousness arises in the context of an idea that there is something that is not unity. So I agree, it is an idea. Beyond the immediacy of your own being there is no unity nor oppositional duality. Without love, or rather without an acceptance of your being as you arise in this world you think of as other than you, there can be no apprehension of unity.

Tell me what is beyond? That’s the secret. There is no beyond to attain to. All the wisdom one would seek is here.

Unity with what? Unity as in reconciliation. Your body didn’t come from you. Your mind didn’t come from you.

Reconciliation with what? With yourself. With what you very literally are.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. John Paul Todd


    Found your post very helpful and I agree, we are all lovers by nature. It is one of those qualities that we reflect of our Creator for God is love to the nth degree.

    But my question is what else do we reflect in our essence that dealing with our false self frees us more and more to live out? One thing that is just as common as love is the quality of Light- God is Light, declares the Apostle of love. I have personally found the most difficulty not in loving, now that I am enlightened about my own false self and have been given a degree of freedom from that; but in this matter of living “in the light” with my fellow earth-dwellers. To me that means what has been referred to as “being transparent”,no hidden agendas. After-all, aren’t we living in an age where it is fashionable “to come out the closet”. Here’s to taking that to a whole new level in the hope that as we know eachother and respect eachother, and love each other, what we know by nature can become reality.

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