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Even people who may seem inert aren’t. They have to act to avoid action, though usually that is not conducive to growth or productivity.

The Center Holds in Love


Your mind comes from the same source as anything you will accept as mind comes from.  Minds existed before your personal mind existed, and will after. Mind, like love, is an aspect of existence that we did not create, that we live with and in. Mind is observed to exist, and it exists despite the presence or absence of any single observer.

Love drives observation, it does not drive judgement. When an infant first regards someone not their mother and their attention lingers, they do not linger in that way out of fear, but out of love. It’s something that runs very deep in us. Love, as it exists beyond individuals, cannot be explained with any single idea, or any body of words that could be fully uttered in a single lifetime. It is perhaps true that even as a collective species we haven’t yet.

There’s no need if we know it when we feel it? People believe themselves to be deceived regarding love routinely, so is that absolutely so? Is there no such thing as projecting the hoped for connection when it’s not actually there?

Is it the emotional nature of “romantic love”? It’s the conceptualization of romantic love, not the emotion.

Love is soft ground, but when you feel pure unconditional love you intuitively know as it resonates within you? Yes, as truth does. It’s said that the truth is freeing. Our very natures, and even the function of our brains, focus on that process of recognition. Of telling us what really is there, but being possessed of complex powers of reason, we can get our first impressions and take them very far from source.

How many people in our world really experience love? They don’t really experience love, because they believe they need seek love. They seek it everywhere but where it is, in our very natures. The human being has a center, and it’s the center that is the only thing that can endure. The center will hold, and our thinking is not centered. Our thinking is reactionary, responsive, and not originating.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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