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Room for Change in Love


If someone finds you repulsive, that is really how they feel about themselves? Yes, someone who hates you hates themselves. We used to teach our soldiers to hate the enemy. Really we still do, but we have finessed it a bit more. If they hate the enemy, it’s much easier to kill them, but what happens when they get back to their real life?

Still hate… bitter.

I think about all the American flag burning in the Middle East. They will burn anything that fuels hate.

Now they have civil wars. Civil wars are self-hate. They know they are fighting their own people, their own kin, themselves.

Egypt is making me sad right now. I can feel the hate there when I see the footage. This can change. I don’t know if it will, but it can. As long as they hold to their traditional thinking without any room for change, then the hate will remain.

It changed in Germany. Most Germans are not Nazis and they don’t enjoy that stereotype. Most Germans I have met tend to be friendly and kind of cerebral people. That’s my experience personally.

When I was there recently, I met a lot of young people who were interested in solar power and saving the world. Culture itself is not an evil. Religion itself is not an evil. Either of these things without love of humanity, love of being human, of being who we are, well… No energy, no change. What do we call a person who has absolutely no changes going on with them?

Hope is a wonderful thing. Can we have hope and hate? The person who has literally no changes going on with them is called a corpse, and even then, nature just takes over the process of change.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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