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Did the hippy revolution change anything? We still hear the same old meaningless rhetoric. There are ‘the power of now’ thumpers. They just switched the book.

Mapping the World Tree in Axis Mundi

World Tree

Let’s look at the tree as branches of cause and effect. Some object to the genetic model thinking perhaps it marginalizes them.

So every reaction you have ever caused in the world around you, that includes physical objects as well as living beings, has left a causal imprint. Is this an illogical notion?

No. Have you been able to cause no reactions in your life?

Nope. Can any life happen without causing reactions?


Now these reaction have a visible effect in the world. If you throw a rock and someone dodges out of the way, you have not only created a reaction in the context of the rock and its relationship to the world around it, but you have caused a reaction in that person as well, and one that will have a lasting effect. They will remember that you have thrown a rock at them. This is also the world tree.

Shall we map the world tree? We can you know.

Current physics has no real notion of how things take form. They can map how they behave while in a specific form, but our physics has no way to predict how new forms emerge. Even the genetics is getting more and more fuzzy as we discover more about our worlds collective genome and the human genome in particular. One emerging view called formative causation suggests that any emergent form builds a grove in the physical fields around it, increasing the likelihood of that form occurring again as well as variations of that form sort of like the dents made by a pencil on paper makes it possible to recover the previous writing.

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Well, starting from the early branches of the tree, let’s call this the root system, we have certain patterns of behaviour both cooperative and competitive. These patterns are present in the root system because they form the early infrastructure of genetic reproduction. This was how life got started.┬áThis behaviour was preserved even through evolutionary bottleneck periods. Science now is surprised at how much has been evolutionarily conserved. This narrowing of the subset of information would be the trunk of the world tree, and it represents the baseline survival mechanisms of life in suspension in crisis periods where competition ceases to be a viable model for survival. What does a hibernating bear compete with?

Environment? The cold. No. Ultimately, it’s cooperated with the environment. It’s what lead to the formation of the hibernation mechanism in the first place. In the Norse emergence myth, the universe emerged from a field of ice. Ultimately the elements win. Like it or not we are all elemental beings.

They say all life in the world was made from the flesh of the frost giant Imir, or the dragon Tiamat in the Sumerian model, which had a world mountain instead of a tree. The trunk of the world tree is the punctuation mark in the pattern of punctuated equilibrium. The rest point in the evolutionary drive. It’s where humanity spent the biggest part of its history, where the roots of the world tree are life forms as they are. Organic chemistry and genetics, the memory of the world tree.

The upper branches of the world tree are life as it could be. They are the return of the world tree back into the seed of time. It’s only in the branches that the tree bears fruit, right? The flow of energy through the roots and the flow of energy through the time space field are occurring simultaneously so the potential for sentient beings has always been present in the tree, and in time will bear even further fruit. Perhaps in general, artificial intelligence? What is the internet but a new root system? A new domain of memory?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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