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Your inner life is your outer life. Your second life is your first life. Your fantasies are your reality.

Our Place in Existence in Gnosis


Gnosis has many sources. It is one of those phenomenon like the preponderance of certain symbols that co-arose cross culturally. Like the presence of dragons in every world mythology.

The intuition that “god” is somehow indwelling the human soul has been expressed in many ways across all world cultures. The “gods” can be real even if they don’t exist as independent sentience. As principles that manifest in all life they have a very real existence.

In theology there are three principles necessary for something to be a “supreme” being. Omniscience, or being all knowing. Perhaps omniscience can be expressed in the existence of sentience at all, and omniscience exists as the source of the more limited individual awareness? Omnipresence, being in all places. Being unexcluded from anywhere and unexcludeable. This is perhaps manifested in the existence of creation at all? And then omnipotence, all powerful. Which would imply that all things are possible for this supreme being. Which might explain why there has to be a multiplicity of creatures?

Gnosis is knowing this place we have in the originating principle. In that it recognizes a pre-existing dynamic that not only plays out around us, but in us. It is symbolized by a river, a constant flow. But we can stray from the path in a sense. Human beings are remarkably capable of resistance. We can be selfish and wicked. Perhaps the supposed Jungian “death wish”. And there is an obvious, consistently demonstrable outcome of this mode of behaviour.

Every dark extreme exists merely as an obsession with and perversion of a more basic and wholesome principle. Self interest and expression are part of right action. Obsession with that is only self defeating. Cruelty is a dark mirror image of a search for justice, and we as individuals are remarkably limited in our capacity for balanced judgement. So that tends to go horribly wrong. We see only part of the whole at any given time and thus cannot see every dynamic clearly. Every force that has lead to a given event.

Mostly when we say “in this whole world I am this one thing, I am this and I am no other“. You create the schism that leads to resistance of the greater way of the spirit. The I-ching can help to guide in this. It is an excellent sample of the way of change which is the way of life. And for those who feel an affinity for another oracle, the fools journey of the tarot mirrors the I-ching, as does the runic cycle.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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