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Thought creates. All creation is revelation.

Secret Of Renewal in Renewal


Friends, did you create yourself? If you did, why did you choose these things and then now feel you can’t accept the conditions?

I create the mess of my self. I create the excellence of my self. I would say you do yes, but not the essence of yourself. I offer that you exist for the same reason the world exists. The same thing that makes a storm happen makes things happen in you.

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between a big storm and say a bout of mass hysteria? Perhaps stock market fluctuations that have no practical cause?

One makes you very wet, the other makes you want to run to the nearest exit? They both make you very wet. One with rainfall, the other with sweat and tears, both wet. Any other difference?

The sound? Hmm, the sound of storm. Loud, incoherent rumbling, unintelligible noise. Hmm, someone yelling is really different? Thunder, volume, spreading mess.

Can a storm last forever?

Memories can? Memories do not last unmodified, even with just the changing context or experience. We identify with our memories for some reason. We think “I am what I remember being” but this has no basis in fact. Let’s explore this deeper. Do you remember being one fixed way in your whole life? Ever?

You wouldn’t want to. When I say I’m hungry, that won’t stay still. If I say I’m happy, even that won’t stay still. I get tired and the energy and euphoria go. Does it mean I was never happy? It takes energy to be happy. It takes energy to have a storm of any kind.

When one is happy is one remembering it or being it? Remembering. It is a proven fact scientifically, but the memory before overlay is valid. It takes time for the portion of your brain that can form opinions to recognize many physical and emotional changes. You are always experiencing something that happened just a moment ago. I think that’s the secret of renewal actually, because you will adapt to the degree that your realize your experiences are post dated. Otherwise you believe there is a state you can preserve, or you believe that your state will endure when as a law of nature there is no way it can. We are engaging in false identification.

The center of a wheel appears not to move yet it’s actually spinning with the most energy. If you were on the outer rim of a wheel, how would your motion seem? It would seem messy. Your point of view would be slung around the central axis, and everything would seem out of control.

Why do you have to think about all this so much? For most of us the perceptual process governs our attitude/position. We have to think about it, because it’s our nature to do that. But realizing this we can look at nature as a whole. Can there be any renewal without first a clearing out of the old stagnant state?

Renewal is a returning to balance, an opening to flow. We are always on whatever path we elect, however we identify it as how it behaves for us, and for most people it’s another day another dollar. It’s energy depleting, not flowing, more like a short circuited path. It doesn’t have to be that way. The situation is actually very simple.

People make up their paths and only a person can direct this choice. Sometimes with assistance, knowledge, but no one can be coerced. It won’t work ultimately. Correct? Everyone can be coerced and they enter that state of their own choosing. The mind is not a closed system. No one’s is and not only do we accept coercion, we take it one further. We try to beat the process to the punch, not realizing that our race with this machine is the reason we are stuck in it in the first place.

It’s true it doesn’t work other than we make it work. It has no center but we have one, and we leave that centered state to “go with the flow.” When people tell you to go with the flow, it’s usually just to accept whatever process is happening, but doesn’t inform your choice in that situation, does it?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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