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Everyone has a belief system, even if it’s shunning what they identify as belief systems.

Embracing Renewal in Renewal


Renewal. It’s the spiritual season, and a benchmark for the world spirit itself. Renewal is a positive thing, no?

Depends on what you are renewing? Exactly. If it isn’t personal it can seem wonderful, but personal renewal… We run from it like our life depends on it, do we not? Who embraces personal renewal in peace?

This is why I can’t get anyone I know to meditate. It is also why you shouldn’t try.

We need renewal or we can’t grow. This is true, but renewal requires letting go as we must do in cycles throughout our lives. Even if we aren’t devaluing anything in our lives, we are often forced to redefine it. We hate that, because it makes us aware that we didn’t really know what we were talking about in the first place. Life is a big mystery, and makes us feel vulnerable. Everything changing all the time. How can we keep our balance in this whirlwind world?

Many people who know us also don’t like us to change, so we get negative feedback. Yes. Not because it’s for the better if you don’t change, but merely because it’s inconvenient for them, scary/threatening.

They have to change to respond to us. If only just change their idea of who you are, which means they might not know who they are either, and that is the height of ignorance. Intolerable. Anyone tolerate it well?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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