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Selective Sensory Satiation in Savant


An example of the selective sensory satiation method. What’s a typical problem reduced to one word?

Fear? Fear. Say the word fear until you can’t stand saying it any more, then soon after try to think about something that you are afraid of. You may find that rather than seeming frightening, it just seems weird. In that state of mind, you stand a chance of really understanding it clearly.

Moths. If you have issues with moths, or whatever you have issues with. I once focused on the word people. I was in a combination of very angry and very absurd mood, so I just said the word people until I couldn’t stand it anymore. When I cooled off and started thinking about people, I found I just saw dreams, dreams going on, and not all so horribly unpleasant. A tendency to be gloomy, but otherwise sort of beautiful.

Sometimes, considering all of it to be a dream is helpful. I have a hard time seeing most of peoples personal stuff as reality, so having some frame for it was better than none.

It’s the fuzzy heads and the wings. Fuzzy head gives me a list of things that have fuzzy heads. Wings gives me a list of things that have wings. Most of which on either list are not all that scary. Our kitty has a fuzzy head, someones cute little love bird has wings.

Is someone who catches moths a mother? Is someone who catches fat a father? Some would say so.

Well, it is butterflies too. I just have a phobia. Phobias are conscious constructs. Sometimes the subconscious mind manages to emoblize a small amount of information, pushes out a cyst of related sensory and emotional data that intrudes into your rational thinking, but the fact that you try to identify what it is and why you are experiencing it gives it a fixed form, stabilizes it instead of letting it resolve.

So, better to go INTO the phobia? Yes, but little bits at a time.

Fully experience it? Partially experience it, and systematically.

Well, the moths and butterflies know I am afraid and chase me. Neurotypical people… Always with confronting everything and anything head on. They don’t know you’re afraid.

Yes they do. That’s your view. They actually chase me. Remember what I mentioned earlier about the perception and action being linked together, even without thought as we know it? We assign thought to these behaviors because we associate thought with our own behavior. This doesn’t work with moths or butterflies. They have the same system of perception and behavior, but their “thought” is more elemental. Influencing animals is much easier than influencing humans in some ways. Do you tend to blush? When afraid or embarrassed does your skin turn redder?

I might get flushed, yes. They pick up on it? They are drawn to that, just the color red, nothing to do with your mood, but something else is more likely. Do you yell when you feel they are chasing you?

Yes. Their antenna pick up on sound waves, sort of like echo location, and as your yelling spreads, you distort their perception of the space around them. They go toward the stable source of sensation. They just desperately want to find a safe place to land, and your yell seems solid.

This is why some people think bats attack them. They don’t, not even vampire bats. They seem to because people, through screaming fits, disorient them and they crash into the source. This is why they get into people’s hair sometimes, all that noise was coming from your head.

So, not only can you speak your own brains language, you can do this for other species as well. Predatory animals tend to not like being touched, unless they are a pack predator. Wasps are an example. Bees actually like touch. It’s one of the ways they keep in synch with their hive.

One walked right over my foot try to get at the chip dust. It kind of tickled. Yes, you aren’t food, and they know it. It also knows you are alive, but it has no sense of what that means. In the end, it doesn’t care you are there unless you give it a reason to.

Do you feel this topic was adequately covered? Feel you have a sense of the metaphysics behind genius?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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