'Savant' Chapter


Our subconscious minds have always assembled the world in a way that tends to defy normal rational thought, but it isn’t less real or factual for its complexity or abstraction. What we call genius is someone going beyond domain specific knowledge and seeing patterns in what we might call the metaphysical fabric of the world.

If we eased up the rationalist bias and permitted a fuller use of our innate faculties, genius could become commonplace.

“When a true genius appears in this world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.” Jonathan Swift (Irish Author and Satirist of prose, 1667-1745)

Genius Phenomenon

Today’s topic of Blind Variation and Acquired Savant Syndrome is a bit complex, so my apologies in advance if I struggle with it a bit. There is an issue that many consider a mystery. Science has not yet uncovered an… Seek More

Fluid Intelligence

So, there is another theory that is also gaining ground, and my own experience supports as well. It’s backed up by FMRI research also, that motor function and perception are intimately linked to the point that what we consider to… Seek More

Making Intelligible Sense

My area of special talent is “language”, but I’m not a polyglot, not multilingual or even bilingual. I use the language function of my brain to piece together the various elements of my sense perceptions. Vision, as it occurs, is… Seek More

Seeing Patterns

They describe savants as geniuses for the same reason high IQ individuals are described as geniuses. I think where the savant is impaired is the second part of the genius process, selective retention. They struggle to single out some images… Seek More

Set of Languages to Mirror Mindset

So we actually have a set of “languages” that mirror the mindset I am describing. The set of languages are the worlds systems of divination, the trinary code of the i-ching, the holistic pictographs of the runes and other such… Seek More

Selective Sensory Satiation

An example of the selective sensory satiation method. What’s a typical problem reduced to one word? Fear? Fear. Say the word fear until you can’t stand saying it any more, then soon after try to think about something that you… Seek More