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In my experience, reason neither enables nor supports empathy or social justice.

Seeing Patterns in Savant


They describe savants as geniuses for the same reason high IQ individuals are described as geniuses. I think where the savant is impaired is the second part of the genius process, selective retention. They struggle to single out some images or ideas or bits of information from others, whereas the normal genius does this more easily, and I mean only more easily. It isn’t necessarily easy for them either, and thus they do often develop negative compensations like alcoholism and other forms of self-medication or mind numbing behavior. I offer that we all have this process going on.

But they also could go out into nature and relax. That would be more positive for them, but frustrated people often do the more expedient or even self-punishing thing.

Or, a more self-pleasuring thing? Indeed, hedonism itself can be self-destructive.

What is hedonism? Single minded or philosophically driven pleasure seeking.

After all this exposition, the metaphysics of this is really fairly simple. Ready for it?

Main stream science is neurotypically biased, top down filtered and favoring things that select only for a limited set of data. To my mind, because of this bias it has serious flaw, not dysfunctional, but we do see the fall out of scientific prejudice.

But filling out the picture is an excellent paradigm. Our subconscious minds have always assembled the world in a way that tends to defy normal rational thought, but it isn’t less real or factual for its complexity or abstraction. What we call genius is someone going beyond domain specific knowledge and seeing patterns in what we might call the metaphysical fabric of the world. It doesn’t matter what method was used, same outcome. Method only matters when it comes to sustainability. If we eased up the rationalist bias and permitted a fuller use of our innate faculties, genius could become commonplace. As long as we insist on a materialistic and mechanistic bias, rather than a holistic view that allows both for the organic as well as the mechanistic view, this inspired culture will never emerge.

All those kids in math class who can get the answer but can’t show the method so they fail. Indeed, good example.

But it seems the genius’ aren’t driven to lead. Indeed, they aren’t. Notoriously, they haven’t been. They tend to socially disengage.

Merlin instead of Arthur. Exactly. Genius needs an advocate, or to evolve in such a way that it can advocate for itself.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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