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To affirm life is to respect its cycles. You can offer no disrespect to the departed by living vibrantly.

Set of Languages to Mirror Mindset in Savant


So we actually have a set of “languages” that mirror the mindset I am describing. The set of languages are the worlds systems of divination, the trinary code of the i-ching, the holistic pictographs of the runes and other such systems. The rhythm and pattern and color based systems of Africa. These have all taken a stab at encapsulating the process that allows one to discover “inspiration”, the spirit or heart of any given insight.

What about music or just sounds that come into your head? Chants, typically involved in multiple forms of divination, inspired recitation. Native American shamanism incorporates a phenomenon called spirit singing which usually serves as a memory device for the shaman when they need to enter a focused state of non-ordinary awareness.

I’m not saying that these traditions as they stand are sufficient by themselves. Just as our understanding of culture and science evolved, they should also. Numerology would be expanded through elaboration by means of applied chaos theory. For one example, astrophysics could be used to examine fluctuations in atmospheric cosmic radiation in their proper context, things like that. That last would be physical astrology. Tarot could be elaborated upon through memetic theory. They could cross reference the visual patterns they are now able to read through FMRI while people dream, and compare them to the persons functional and emotional state, as well as their health condition and personal cognitive filters.

There is a reason people have such strong reactions to tarot imagery. As far as i-ching and the lesser arcana of the tarot, those are just structures of trinary and base ten structural analysis. They could be applying these patterns to their predictive algorhythms right now, giving them much more predictive value as well as broader functional depth. Stock market fluctuations could be tracked right alongside animal migrations and weather pattern shifts. People aren’t as willing to take risks on bad weather days.

Yes, and computers would make that practicable. Indeed, it would be hard for a human mind to do this, but no problem for the right system. Humans can do it, though, on a smaller scale, which is all we need as individuals anyway. Consider adopting a ritual as a way to take yourself out of your normal set of cognitive filters, like a Native American vision quest, or dervish dancing, anything that can control your habitual mind.

Mantra? Even mantra, sensory satiation as science is calling it, can do it, especially if the target concept is deliberately chosen.

What about meditation to alter consciousness? Meditation, as long as it can move beyond formalism, is excellent. Some people get stuck at samadhi, one pointed consciousness. It feels good, but doesn’t help to free the mind.

Children seem to do this naturally as in holding their breath or spinning around. They do indeed. We can be more “grown up” if we want to, but we would still benefit from doing it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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