'Antipathy' Chapter


The things you feel you control are just a small subset of the data your brain processes. The rest we habitually treat as ambient, try to convince ourselves it’s meaningless to us. It isn’t.

The brain prioritizes it, looks for stresses and disturbances and instinctively tries to steer around them without engaging your conscious awareness of problem solving.

You aren’t actually indifferent to anything though consciously it may seem so. Your body and neurons don’t have a neutral state. You either have an approach or an avoidance response. Your entire experience of any place you are in is coloured by those.

“My tastes in music tend to favor anything my kids don’t like, out of natural antipathy amplified by a sort of malicious glee.” Gregory Maguire

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Today, we are talking about antipathy, something that is a part of everyone’s experience but something we don’t think much about. We tend to consider our perceptions as simply being taking in what there is to see in the environment,… Seek More

Your Shadow World

You have a conscious world, and, to adapt a Jungian archetype, a shadow world. That place we fear to go, that place we fear is our destiny, that place we fear could creep up on us at any moment. You… Seek More

World Psyche

I would offer that we can get a good sense of the world psyche in the realm of internet culture. Is that unfair to say? How would you describe culture on the internet?┬áIs it consciously chosen? Structured? Interacted with or… Seek More

Opportunity to be Fully Present

So what it comes down to is this… You are what you think you are, and you also are what you think you are not. You don’t identify everything as being something you are not, but you do come across… Seek More

Healthy Reaction to Your Shadow Self

What is a healthy way to react when the shadow self comes up? Ah, when the shadow self emerges remember to breath and feel. The first thing people do normally is to shut down their feeling. They start thinking carefully… Seek More