There is truth in the world. There is a way in the world. As Sting said, “There is a deeper way than this.” And it is expressed in stillness.

Healthy Reaction to Your Shadow Self in Antipathy


What is a healthy way to react when the shadow self comes up? Ah, when the shadow self emerges remember to breath and feel. The first thing people do normally is to shut down their feeling. They start thinking carefully instead which is what keeps them locked in the negative state in the first place. They try to solve the problem of the shadow by doing the thing that creates it more, like banging your head against a rough brick wall because you insist it will stop the bleeding. If you can capture the feeling, then ground it in your body. How your biology is reacting. The body is very good at regulating and healing damaging responses. It never wants anything like that to go on for too long, but it looses its ability to respond when all your resources are taken up by thinking. You can direct enough of your biochemical signalling in the way it knows to do, the way you don’t believe it can do or needs to do. We come to see the numbness as normal, natural, even healthy, do we not?

That numbness is what locks the brain into pumping cortisol which leads to kidney shutdown, diabetes as well as other metabolic abnormalities. Eventually, everything starts sending the wrong signals. Your liver can fear and send warning signals. So can your spleen, your stomach and intestines, and all this happens because you were too busy believing in your thinking, forcing your brain down unnatural paths. They never get the all-clear healing message, never return to business as normal, and you stay numb until all new pains crop up. Pains you were never naturally supposed to have.

Be the animals sometimes, just eat the cookie, sleep in just because you want to, take a walk or run for no reason, just because you feel it. Cabin fever is a perfectly legitimate excuse. It is actually better than conscious judgment.

Yell sometimes, into an empty room if that’s best, but do it. You need to. Get your centre out of analysis and into the body. Centre in the feelings which is the bodies intelligence. It is really very intelligent and often thinking farther ahead than you ever habitually do.

I yell out loud and reach for the cookie jar. Excellent.

They have found that the effort to be responsible actually weakens self control. The more impulses you have had to deny, the closer you will get to the point of having no choice at all. This is maybe why people develop such intense addictions.

So do you like self control? Don’t do it so much you do go blind, mentally. This is something I encourage my wife to abstain from. It is likely the cause behind her yin deficiency now.

Till next time my friends be well. Blessed be and all that.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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