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This attempt to see mind from a biological point of view is weak at best.

World Psyche in Antipathy


I would offer that we can get a good sense of the world psyche in the realm of internet culture. Is that unfair to say?

How would you describe culture on the internet? Is it consciously chosen? Structured? Interacted with or guided in any way?


There are different groups. There are indeed different groups, but is it unfair to say there is an overarching atmosphere? A baseline of internet social behaviour?

Yes, that’s fair. How would you describe that? Nightmares and dreamscapes. I offer that what we see online is a profoundly revealing display of how people honestly think offline. What do you think?

Yes, glaring really.

So how as a world are we dealing with our perceptions as well as our shadows?

Shadows come out more online? Indeed, shadows being objects of antipathy, things resisted, and as always the things resisted remain stuck in our heads. Consider the things that are considered memes, what is their general character? Are they happy and positive as a rule?

They’re more sarcasm and grumpy cat is probably the most famous cat. Things of a negative demeanour? Whether they are viewed as negative or not perhaps doesn’t matter as much as their obvious appearance.

Advertising is one of those shadows? Oh, advertising is indeed. They prefer to play in the shadows. They don’t really want you to think about what they are selling, can’t consciously. They just want their slogans and brand icons to stick so you will notice them “accidentally” as you go about your day.

Yes, they “pop up.” It’s even preferable for them if they occur to you more frequently when you are stressed or in a bad mood. This is why we have the concept of “retail therapy.” They created that. Have a coke and a smile. They make that association because they know you aren’t smiling.

Life is more fun with a Pepsi. Indeed. They know you are frustrated, disappointed.

You are more vulnerable then. Yes, more vulnerable and more likely to buy anything to fix how bad you feel.

We are trained in a great many arts of how to feel good. How to act like we have everything under control and like we are on top of the world. How many arts of despair do we have? How many skills allow us to understand and express rage or even frustration? Are you encouraged to deal with injustice in any useful way? Grin and bear it is not a useful way. Grin and bear it has gotten us where we are now. Hideously corrupt governments, corporate abuses without any checks against them, damaging climate change and a period of mass extinction that makes every such instance in the past look mild, maybe even meaningless.

We fear. A whole half of our souls lives and understands only fear, or minds if you prefer. We fear and we make fears, yet for having been immersed in this shadow world for so long, we have adapted to it not at all.

Is this fair to say? Have I gone off the deep end?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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