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Did the hippy revolution change anything? We still hear the same old meaningless rhetoric. There are ‘the power of now’ thumpers. They just switched the book.

Starting Over in Forgiveness


Anyone get really ticked off lately?

End:CIV – In a nutshell, it talks about how civilization as we know it is the ‘machine’ that is destroying the planet. Ah yes, also known (though not commonly) as the cyberpunk movement. So why do you become angry with this?

Because it does seem to be true and it’s terrible. It also makes me very sad. And this moves you to anger why? I’m not being sarcastic. It’s on the topic of forgiveness.

It is a useless kind of anger. The anger is useless not in its root, but in its branches. The anger is natural. The world is our home and life is sacred, but can the issue be dealt with by anger?

It also talks about the effectiveness [NOT] of peaceful passive forms of resistance. I see your point there as well. No, I don’t think it can be dealt with by anger. But the anger might fuel some other solution. It can, but do you know why it might not? Guilt. People feel ashamed of being angry, and thus they feed the problem they would seek to end.

I was taught that anger is never appropriate. Has that served you? I had not evaluated. On the surface, what I was taught did serve me. It kept me out of trouble. It stopped me from attacking the other children. Being selective about your behaviours can be good, yes, but you have that ability despite your anger, not because you rid yourself of anger. In fact, the more you try to rid yourself of anger, the worse it gets. Guilt over anger hurts, hurt makes you angry, which makes you more guilty.

I was taught that anger is ok, but crying is not. Has that served you? No. I don’t believe so. Being told not to cry only made me want to cry more. It did, yes. It was a rejection of your presence and feelings.

Forgiveness is not endorsement. Forgiveness is allowing yourself to start over at emotional ground zero, and it even permits you to see other peoples behaviour more clearly. Forgiveness removes you from the emotional arms race, and like all arms races, it’s a race no one can win. Forgiveness doesn’t mean ignoring the fact that other peoples behaviour may be damaging. Instead, it means allowing your “self” to stay out of it, and having the clarity to make the most informed choice.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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