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Guiding Dynamic


So what in our own being is ever consistent? Is anything? Change? Is the change aimless? If we err but must be consistent, then we must be “damned”? There can be no atonement or salvation, because consistency is virtue? I… Seek More

Attitudes About Play


Today, we talk about play. People seem to have a lot of attitudes about play. One is to see it as frivolous. Another sees it as refuge from a “reality” they don’t like. For some their play is even work.… Seek More

Ideas Of Humility


What is humility? Modesty? In your experience friends, does nature show any preference for modesty? There are ideas of humility, and these ideas are indoctrinated into us quite thoroughly. Every effort is made to convince us that humility is a… Seek More

Limiting Ideas


The observer is an individual. The observer has an apparent center, and it has an absolute center. Its absolute center is in fact that very thing. The absolute, omnipresent, throughout time and space. Now your relative center has seemed to… Seek More

What Is Aging?


I will start today’s topic on Aging with a question. It’s a question everyone seems to struggle with and matters very much for the purpose of understanding the topic. What is aging? Body decomposition. Maturing like a fine wine? Back… Seek More

Traits Of Aging


Your body acquires the traits of aging in the same way that you acquire beliefs. Degenerative diseases. They stem from any of a collection of frustrations. I’ll use an example of aging. Back pain. It’s an adaptive response to either… Seek More

Directed Aging


The acquisition of energy and thus manifest traits cannot be stopped, but its pacing can be controlled and its path directed, at least to a large degree. The direction aging will take you in is the same as it took… Seek More

Path Of Your Nature


It’s really amazing how strong people are. They set themselves against their own nature so intensely and for so long they wind up like little human bonsai trees. Which makes me ask, what do you think of when you see… Seek More

People First


I read somewhere that people like us because of our faults. They make us interesting. Yes. They have done studies both of artificially targeted brain damage and the symptoms of specific neurological illnesses and forms of brain damage. There are… Seek More

The Mind-Body Connection: Feeding Your Inner Spirit by Caitlin Stripes

Guest Blog

Think about the day after Halloween when you were a child. The crash that comes after the sugar high. And now think about experiencing that, even in a diluted form every day. Odds are? You already do. The traditional western… Seek More