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Pride vs Hubris


Pride is not a vice. I always laugh at the ascetics who speak of pride as if it were some great evil, but if you undertake any action with the conviction that it is right, there is an element of… Seek More

Kingdom of Osiris


The Egyptian Pharaoh was both King and High Priest. At first, the ascension (not unlike the Buddha’s ascension) was considered possible only to the Pharaoh. It was only later that they came to believe that all souls could ascend, and… Seek More

Tree Of Life Shadow


Judaism doesn’t have any concept of hell, but the emanations in some schools of Kabbalism have a shadow aspect. The tree of life and its shadow. It’s called the tree of life because it is seen as an outgrowth of… Seek More

Lovers By Nature


We are all lovers by nature, but allow circumstances to taint our ability to give. We think of self as unworthy, but there is no unity outside of that. The false self is the self we are taught, as opposed… Seek More

Paths In Invocation


As you invoke the spirits, you accomplish two things. You learn from them, and thereby claim some of their wisdom as your own. You can use it even without calling for their help, and the same thing that applies to people… Seek More

The Beyond


The Buddhist texts on the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the lessons on the bardo states, are these a kind of Necronomicon? They are part of the body in lore and insight that we are calling the Necronomicon, yes.… Seek More

Work Of Ascension


You don’t actually travel to other planets while you undertake the work of ascension, but as you fully experience each stage it does feel like the earth you live on has changed it’s basic nature. It hasn’t, but it seems… Seek More

Right Insight


As you incarnated, you took on the weight not only of your personal decision, but the weight of every spirit that ever made the same decision. A sort of shared karma. This is perhaps the origin of the concept of… Seek More

Three Worlds


The most simple patterns and symbols are universal throughout human spiritual and metaphysical experience. Many names are given to these symbols, but they do show a notable similarity across cultures. Today, we are talking about the world, and more specifically… Seek More

Light Of The Ages by Robert Gresak

The light of the ages shone through untold sages to light the way for men in great darkness left, to light the way for men bereft of all comfort, all hope. The light of the ages now saturates the pages… Seek More