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Dealing with Negativity


Dissonance, as in different notes or tones conflicting, is the concept. Spirituality is often compared to music metaphorically, but in many ways it’s not strictly metaphor. Many people speak of spiritual presence as being like a voice or sound, and… Seek More

Way of Death


There is a way of death. There is a way of being out of harmony with death. In this ‘now’, man has forgotten this way. Fear of death is not the way of death. In my own spirituality, the way… Seek More

Natures Wisdom


We often dilute the bodies wisdom and thus natures wisdom, by deluding ourselves that thought is superior to instinct. That wisdom is something we achieve. That we can gain it by being educated, “smart”. All mysticism and wisdom traditions contradict… Seek More

Have You Seen Your Soul Lately?


How are we aware of our soul?  Well, awareness of the soul is scary. Like in the Egyptian book of the dead, it’s the encounter with a mirror. It’s an awareness of what about you can die and what changes.  That… Seek More



We heal by knowing why we are where we are, and maybe discovering how that can change. For all our pursuit of light, we still fall into darkness. It is a part of the cycle. The right hand is strong.… Seek More

Access the Elements


We are nothing more than the minds reach away from the elements. The minds reach away from our own bodies and our minds obey us. But we forget we aren’t what we think we are, we just are. Thinking serves… Seek More

Food Happiness


Happiness isn’t uniform, nor is it supposed to be. I give my son spaghetti, and in the moment of eating it he will be quite happy. Give me spaghetti, and I likely will be unmoved though eating it. Give me… Seek More

Comfort Zone


We don’t consider change very often as a rule, yet we get heavily invested in avoiding it, and keeping a picture of the world and ourselves, even if we profess to not like the world. Some of the most resistant… Seek More

Conquer Worry


What if we seek comfort from food or substance as a way of dealing with worry, even though we know we shouldn’t? That is a mixed worry response. Your instincts are still in a sense good, but we sit and… Seek More

Parenting Skill


The first skill a parent needs, and it’s instinctive but we shun it as the infant matures, is simple listening. Is the baby crying? Are they hungry, scared, lonely? Why is this wrong for us to use with ourselves or… Seek More