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Avoid the Madness


Shoulda, woulda, coulda syndrome. Why does it exist? Should? Then why? Would have? Then why didn’t you? Could of? What does that mean? It’s madness. You can question everything. I strongly encourage it. The point where nothing seems to have… Seek More

Rest vs. Stagnation


The difference between coming to rest in life and stagnation. Very different dynamics. We often feel that anything in life must be our decision. That we have to be in control. So we often set rhythms in our life that… Seek More

Mana and Justice


I tend to use the kahuna concept of mana to evaluate any path. Mana is a concept of “proven effectiveness.” It plugs into the idea that whoever or whatever was more in synch with the over arching order would be… Seek More

Omen Questions and Answers


Do we hurt it if we ignore or deny an omen? We can, especially if you are deeply connected to the event matrix. The omens are in part a manifestation of your very personal energy. It meshes with other energies,… Seek More

Elemental Conscious


Most people seem to want to resist any identification. It has been my experience that we tend to be creatures of our elements, though these aren’t narrow. It is like the world was repeated endlessly with any color you choose,… Seek More

It’s Just A Ride


There is no enemy anywhere. A crazy thought. Insane, huh? Nothing to exert our will against. Nothing to change. Nothing that is not us. No one who is not your family, no one who isn’t in your mind, your heart. What… Seek More

True Freedom


Meaning is often underplayed in the world, even among seekers. People enjoy freedom or their idea of freedom, but the meaning of freedom is lost. They speak of no barriers, but freedom has meaning in the context of barriers. Seekers… Seek More

Depression and Choice


Someone who is quite depressed is so because of how he is ‘thinking’ about the situation. He is in that. He is causing his distress and it is not the situation itself. What could be said further is to ask… Seek More

Decision and Choice


People speak of good choices and bad choices, and do everyone a disservice by doing so. There are only wise choices and unwise choices in my experience. Good can arise from an unwise choice anyway, and harm can arise from… Seek More

Aggressions Purpose


The next emotion of failure is aggression. Yet aggression is even more villainized in peoples minds than frustration is, and ignores huge parts of how the human mind works. It’s seen as more dramatic than frustration, but it is just… Seek More