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Resistance: Essence and Form


About changing essential nature… I can turn water into vapour. It’s in waters nature to become vapour. You interact with it, but you don’t change its nature. The sun makes it vapour also. It is a part of what we… Seek More

Feeling Pain


Why can’t people accept that they can’t control their life or others? They misidentify themselves so they don‘t know who they are. They think there is a “them” that needs to struggle. For example, accepting a suicide is hard, and… Seek More

You Are Not Mind


We shape our minds when we shape the ideas we call words. In shaping the mind we shape the world as we see it, and dispose ourselves to function according to the ideas we create. Here is a strange idea.… Seek More

Do With Your Heart


Do you have a very difficult time doing anything without your heart being involved? Then don’t exclude your heart. It isn’t necessary. The only way it’s ‘meant’ to be done (if that word has any meaning at all) is the… Seek More

Mana and Justice


I tend to use the kahuna concept of mana to evaluate any path. Mana is a concept of “proven effectiveness.” It plugs into the idea that whoever or whatever was more in synch with the over arching order would be… Seek More

Truth in Virtual Reality


We live in one world. This world as we make it isn’t false. The flesh and blood world is out of flesh and blood, but we didn’t make those. We didn’t make the world. We didn’t even make our real… Seek More

Does Matter Matter?


What matters is what you did and what you learned, not what you had. Now what you have can influence what you are able to do, so that seems a good guideline for getting. So matter matters to the degree… Seek More

What is Scientism?


Scientism: The precept that science is the foundation of all knowledge and that all truth can be arrived at by empirical method. Does this seem presumptuous, even crazy? The scientific method is a relatively new fangled thing. To think it… Seek More

Sexual Role


I know I may seem like the stereotypical sex obsessed male, but when you give your body place, and sex is the most powerful force to encourage that (that or strife), then your consciousness changes. Your engagement with all of… Seek More

Heresy of Acting


Alan watts said society tells us what we ‘must’ be, and we ‘must’ be it voluntarily. That compulsory volunteer. They define tyranny as anything not forbidden being mandatory. Our freedom is just tyranny with the weight of moralism behind it.… Seek More