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Experience of Passion


The subject is passion including the much reviled “passions”. They usually speak of them in right hand and left hand paths. One school of thought is that passions are only stumbling blocks preventing peace. The teachings of the right hand path… Seek More

Desire for Love


We are not of our nature solitary creatures. When we feel lonely and make declarations of how we don’t need anyone, that isn’t about people. It’s about ourselves. We feel frustrated, so we try to deny that we have worth.… Seek More

Silent Killer


People in the name of ego will refuse to take risks, and make choices. So their freedom of action is very limited. They refuse to make a mistake so they refuse to do anything at all. Thus in the name… Seek More

Empty Success


There are those who jumped every hurdle, play the game perfectly, and none of it was ever them. They learn the game really well, but because they weren’t coming from that place inside of them they succeeded to fail. It… Seek More

Being Happy


Is happiness the indicator of success? Yes, when you are self fulfilled then you are successful. It’s more than most peoples understanding of happiness. When you are on your path, it just feels right. Everything feels right. Happiness is a… Seek More

Happiness Being


We were all at one point happy. Literally all of us have been happy at least at one point in our lives. The reason being is that happiness is a natural state of being. It isn’t an emotion. It’s not… Seek More

Child’s Desire


Nature can be a good parent, but nature can’t help us discover human nature very well. That’s supposed to be our human parents’ job. Nature also teaches us to respect life in general if we are receptive, and in general… Seek More

Assertive and Happy


I saw a movie called ‘The Soldier Who Declared Peace’, and it showed that although a soldier, he did not have to fight and kill to get people to his way of being. Sun-Tzu, perhaps histories most famous military mind,… Seek More

Sober Up


Happiness is simple, but for a variety of reasons it’s not easy. It’s more like sobering up when the only thing to drink is alcohol. You actually have to put the whole mess down. How often can you actually say… Seek More

Food Happiness


Happiness isn’t uniform, nor is it supposed to be. I give my son spaghetti, and in the moment of eating it he will be quite happy. Give me spaghetti, and I likely will be unmoved though eating it. Give me… Seek More