Articles containing "Horror"

Networking in Society


This society was based on the “muscle” part of society, not the sensitive ones. But we aren’t at the whim of nature any more, so natural tendencies tend to get warped. What made perfect sense to nature becomes a drawback… Seek More

The Attachments

What are the big attachments? Money is one and many find that no amount of money is enough. This is supposedly a good thing, but they make themselves miserable in the pursuit of money. Money isn’t evil but attachment to… Seek More

Rest and Recreation


The search for rest is what takes so many people into substance abuse. To take a break from their inner chaos. The process that leads to addiction is not “evil” in the person. We do even the harmful things because… Seek More

Play the Game


What people are supposed to do is often what keeps the wheels of their life turning, like paying the bills, going to work. Wouldn’t they do it better if they worried about it less? Would it fall apart if we… Seek More

Life in a Graveyard


There are things that inhabit graveyards, and just not the spirits of the dead. Though the dead aren’t hedged from graveyards either. I once saw one of the dead arguing with a lemure. Lemure is a Roman term, refered to… Seek More



There can be said to be two paths in the world. In the Cabala, they are called the pillar of mercy and the pillar of severity, but in fact there are three points. They are only opposed in the minds of… Seek More

Hurt People, Hurt People


Hurtful people don’t need reasons to be hurtful. There is a simple truth, hurt people hurt people. They don’t respect themselves, so no one can be respected. If we are continually abused we come to believe what is heaped on… Seek More

Being Aware is Center


You can’t solve a problem in the same state of mind that made you aware of it.  People don’t have a clue, and they look for help from people in the exact same boat. Boats always have two sides, and… Seek More

Familiar Companions


Familiar spirits is not unlike the term kindred spirits. It’s even sort of like the concept of soul mates. It’s basically the idea that birds of a feather flock together. That as you are spiritually, so you connected to other… Seek More

Clear Anger


What it comes down to, and hypnosis proves this, is what you don’t know and what you ignore, can and does hurt you. What you are pushing away continues to operate on its own even without your understanding. Thus we… Seek More