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Channeling Technique


I practice a channeling but not like it’s popularly practiced, and I don’t usually put my method forward because it seems very alien. There is a simple idea. Energy is life, so matter is life also. Energy forms fields that are… Seek More

Occult Science


If you view a living soul a specific way then the dead are the same. A good bulk of the late medieval era/early renaissance necromancy had prayers to God, the Christian God, and many seemingly very pious acts, as did… Seek More

Understanding Avocation


If your calling is the philosopher, you function on meaning and principles, and if a situation seems to have no principle you feel lost. Me, I function on rhythm or cycles, flow. I function on chaos. When the fire stops… Seek More

Be On Purpose


If your life seems repetitive, don’t sweat it. It’s just your soul trying to give you a message. If you are out of connection with your avocation, life will seem very stagnant. Fake. This applies to everyone, because for you… Seek More

Why Of Reality


Metaphysics is the body of wisdom not related to the “whats” of reality. That would be science or art. Metaphysics is about the “whys” which means there is a metaphysics of both science and art. They have said the world… Seek More

We Are The Actor


To perform an act of hypnosis, you don’t have to understand my words. You don’t even have to be the same species as me. This is a proven fact. Any living thing can be hypnotized. They used to call it… Seek More

Embody Connection

One more aspect of the avatar phenomenon, the Archmagus, or whatever other term is used by the tradition in question. An Archmagus is someone who has collected and embodied all their spiritual metaphysical connections. Meaning all that influences them transforms… Seek More

Call For Communion


Does anyone know, what is invocation? A call. It is that, but there is more. Anyone ever hear the term conjuration? It was originally a term describing an oath and then became used to describe what would amount to a court… Seek More

Practice Of Invocation


On to why you might practice invocation. There are two basic reasons. One is that when the spirit responds it shares its perception with you. Allows you insight you wouldn’t otherwise be privy to. For a period of time, you… Seek More

Practices Related To Invocation


Image magic is an invocation of your intended spirit/idea? Good question, and it can be a prelude practice, but actually falls more into the realm of conjuration. Because for the period that you are focusing on the image work, it… Seek More