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What is Gratitude?


I think the idea of gratitude is for the most part misunderstood. It is often seen as a humiliation. But if you think about it, there is nothing more ennobling. When you are in the experience of gratitude, you are… Seek More

Gratitude is …


There is a simpler word for gratitude, but the word is generally seen in a more abstract light. Gratitude is love. We didn’t make ourselves. We are not the source of our own advent. We still exist due to a… Seek More

Life of Gratitude


Imagine a life of gratitude? For what we are. For what we can do. For what we can experience. Would that be a selfish life? Why are we taught it is? Really, the secret of gratitude isn’t a secret. It’s… Seek More

What Is Is


The atheist views lack centralization or a strong professing membership for more reasons than intellectual cowardice, I think. I think though that atheism serves a useful purpose. We constructed Gods in a search for God, and found much about man.… Seek More

Critics of Institution


The cynics accept that there were Gods. They were especially fond of Hercules, actually, and from their point of view they were on a mission from Zeus. Did they think of nature as God? Basically they did, and that we… Seek More

Profound Wisdom


There is wisdom in what we were born as, and there is wisdom in what many of us on deaths threshold realize was true of life. The confusion tends to be mostly in the middle, while we are busy being… Seek More

Blind Obligation


Tell me friends, how do you come about your obligations? Onerous ones? No, all. Good question. Training from parents. Yes, parents for me too, and husband. Being born. A lot is programmed for me. Voluntarily. Then you are well set,… Seek More

Obligation As Giving


Not being a part of the system of judgements, which you didn’t yourself create anyway, goes a long way to helping you see the issue of obligation clearly. Ignoring your obligations all together is no more wise than subscribing to… Seek More

Reaching Out


Do you have a desire to reach out to others? Then you can treat that desire to reach out to others the same as you treat those obligations you hold to yourself, and do it for the same reason. Personal… Seek More



These people you dislike, they aren’t your enemies. They have given you the gift of seeing your own definitions. You can accept that special gift from them, and then not hurt yourself over anything else about them. There is attachment,… Seek More